I’m sure most women would think I’m a complete nutcase for wanting more children after having 9 babies, but I assure you that before I had children and after I had my first, second, and third I too would have thought that anyone wanting to have more kids after 9 was some kind of crazy person!!

I love my kids and I thank God for them each and every day. They each have such amazing personalities, all with their own little twist of fun and intrigue. They all have different gifts and talents, different loves and hates, different personality traits that make them each so special and unique! I didn’t give them those traits. Sure I carried them and raised them and loved them, but I didn’t make them to be who they are. Human life is truly awesome to behold, God has created so many different looking people with so many different personalities. God truly has amazed me with each and every one of my children. They are all so special in their own little ways.

The old saying that children are a gift from God is a saying that so many people just can’t see in our society today. They see all the work that children bring and all the trouble that they cause. Yes, they are work and they can cause trouble, but they are so much more than that!! Now that I’ve had 9 I see a small glimpse of the beauty that God sees. He has a plan for each human being. Each one was created with a special personality to do a special task. But it takes brave couples to bring these special little humans into the world. So often our worldly desires get in the way. We forget God and we focus on the things we want to do. Many times God’s will is just a pill that is too hard to swallow! So we search in a different direction for our heart’s desires. But if we do the will of God we will realize it is his will that will fill our hearts with joy. God’s will is our very foundation!! It is the reason he gave us the personality we have. It is only up to us to perfect ourselves by becoming more selfless and less sinful. Then we truly can find the road to our destiny and to true happiness.

So how will my children turn out to be? That is completely up to them. I can only give them the knowledge of God and the discernment to know right from wrong. God has given them the ability to handle the task they are made to do. Only they can choose to listen and do it! So for now I will take the strength I have to raise them to honor God and in doing that, I will be doing one of the tasks God has created me to do.

To my children:
I love you, each and every one…
May you grow in the love of God and in the wisdom of the path that He is laying out for you.

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  1. I know this is an older post, but I had to comment to tell you how beautiful this is :). I was just thinking yesterday how different my life is from what I thought I might have when I was in my early 20s and thought I didn't want to have any children! I have 6 now and can't imagine having even one fewer. At my age, we probably will not be blessed with any more, but I do still have a couple of names in mind \”just in case\” 🙂

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