You may have seen the “ocean in a bottle” craft before, but this is my Catholic twist on this wonderful old craft.  I have simply added a cotton cloud at the top and an image and prayer to our Lady of the Sea. 
With Hurricane Irene hitting the East coast and heading for NY it seems appropriate to ask for Our Lady’s intercession for all those who are in need during this troubled time.

You will need:

  • Empty 2-liter plastic bottle with a lid (cleaned & labels removed)
  • Clear mineral oil or vegetable oil (I used 1 bottle of baby oil)
  • Water 
  • Funnel 
  • Blue food coloring
  • Glitter  (If you put in a lot it can look kinda like a lava lamp!)
  • Clean stones, shells, marbles, or other ocean items
  • Cotton for cloud
  • Star of the Sea prayer card printed on stock paper- Click here for a printable card
  • Twisty or wire (about 4 inches long)
  • Tape
  • White craft glue
  • Hot glue


Using a funnel to fill the bottle 1/3 with tap water.
Add a few drops of blue food coloring and swirl the bottle around to mix it.
Add some glitter.
Using the funnel, again, add oil to the bottle until the bottle is 2/3 full; leaving 1/3 of the bottle empty.
Add the small stones, shells, marbles, or other ocean items.
Make sure the rim and cap are dry, then apply white craft glue around the rim. tightly screw on the cap.
Use a layer of hot glue around the outside edge to help keep it from leaking.
Wrap one end of the twisty or wire around the bottle’s neck and tape the prayer card to the other end.
Add a cloud to the top of your bottle by dropping hot glue around the top and carefully adding the cotton to form a cloud. Be sure to wrap the cotton around the twisty so Mary looks like she’s in the cloud.
Turn the bottle on its side and gently rock the bottle to create your very own waves! 
Note: The Mary card can be turned so she’s facing the correct way whether you choose to stand the bottle up or lay it on its side.

Our Lady Star of the Sea,
pray for us and all those who are troubled by water’s fury.


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