We played a game at our All Saint’s day party a few years back called “Simon Peter Says“. It’s just like “Simon Says” but Simon wears a miter and is called “Simon Peter” in honor of our first Pope. Simon Peter tells the other kids to kneel and pray, genuflect, make the Sign of the Cross, lie prostrate, along with the normal Simon Says commands.
I don’t use this game at our All Saint’s parties anymore now that the number of kids has gotten so large, but it works well just for fun on our family game days!
We made our miter from a large white shipping envelope and gold-trimmed ribbon.

God Bless,


  1. I played this game with my 5th grade Faith Formation class and they LOVED it! We study the 7 sacrements and sacramentals this year. I would appreciate a few additional suggestions for Simon Peter to say that are in keeping with kneeling – I ran out of ideas quickly! Great Idea! Thanks.

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