Lacy over at Catholic Icing had a yummy idea of how to explain the Holy Trinity to kids by using a Snowman as a model. I love the idea of the three parts of a snowman (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) creating one God! Sadly my new healthy diet does not include those delicious powdered doughnuts!!  So I thought I’d share the Snowman Trinity Art project I did with my homeschool Art Co-Op.
A few weeks ago, I was searching for a project to help teach the kids in my class about light direction and value I found this fun art idea at a lovely art blog called For the Love of Art.

The snowman, representing the Holy Trinity in its three parts, shows the light direction through its shadows and shading with the dark blue paper as its medium value.
Here’s a step by step on how to draw this:
On dark blue paper, use white to show the light areas and
dark blue to show the dark areas.
(A crayon, colored pencil, or oil pastel will work)
Look at the finished snowman:
Notice the light side and the shaded side of the snowman?
Notice the shadow on the ground?
You can see which direction the light is coming from.
Here’s another one:
He’s too cute!
Okay, my oldest daughter and son went a little crazy on me!
I guess the Holy Trinity could hold some of those signs!?!
(My kids read a little too much “Calvin and Hobbes”)
Well, I think they got the point! And they had a great time!
It was easy for them to do!
Even the kids who have a hard time learning art did a great job!
Give it a try and have fun!
God Bless!


  1. Hi Jennifer,That is so cute! Did your children use crayon or colored pencil?

  2. Thanks Noreen and Chip! I used crayons for the class, just because I had enough of the white to go around. Before the class I tested crayons, colored pencils and oil pastels on the blue paper. They all worked fine. Although, I did come across some old crayons that didn't work as well as the newer ones. I think crayons get a little harder as they get older. Or maybe they just didn't make them as soft as they do now? Hope that helps! God Bless!

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