Our parish priests put forth so much effort for us! They have a life of sacrifice, stress, and heartache with very little appreciation from we parishioners. We need to show these devout men that we are thankful for their sacrifice and living witness.
Host a Card Shower!

For those who don’t know what a card shower is… It’s when a large group of people join together to send cards to someone. Each individual should take a few minutes to send a store-bought card or a hand-made card to your parish rectory. Normally, the time frame for this would be over the course of a week or month.
As the host, you simply need to get the word out!!

I tried to get a Card Shower started for our parish priest. Of course, I had to recruit a few helpers. First I typed up, printed off, and cut out some slips of paper to distribute to parishioners.
They looked like this:

Then I gave a stack of them to a few people to pass out secretly after Masses with the hope that the papers would make it into the hands of parishioners who would send a card.  Distributing them can be a challenge if you are trying to surprise your priest, but that’s part of the reason I kept the fliers small!

This is a perfect activity to do during February for St. Valentine’s day!!!
After all, they don’t get a card from a wife!
How about in June for Father’s Day!!
We are all their children!

My kids each made a card for our priest.
A few years ago I was lucky enough to acquire some wallpaper samples. They worked well for this.
They also used construction paper.
Here are a few pictures:

I helped my 3 and 4-year-old girls make these.
We used wallpaper, old holy cards, and other pictures.
Get the word out!
Start a card shower for your parish priest!
And tell your friends to host one for their priests!
Let’s show them we care!
God Bless!


  1. Jennifer, what a lovely idea! I will be passing this along to our DRE to share with all of the CCD students as father's anniversary is approaching. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a great idea. Might be fun to do with the CCD classes.

  3. Wonderful!! Defiantly good for a CCD class or in a school setting!!! Glad to hear a few more priest will see our love!

  4. Thanks for this idea. Was your \”card shower\” a success?Marie

  5. Hi Marie, I'm not sure yet! I know I had several parishioners say they would send a card, but doing is different! I figure even one or two cards is better than nothing!!! God Bless!

  6. Jennifer, this is such a beautiful thoughtful idea for a priest. thanks for this inspiration!! we got a new pastor recently at our parish, and this would be such a welcoming thing to do.

  7. Just stumbled across this on Pinterest! Love this idea! Thanks for putting it out there!- Heather

  8. what a wonderful idea!!!! I am going to set my calendar timer to remind me to do this in february and June. Thank you!

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