Jen at “Forever For Always, No Matter What” gave me the opportunity to guest post while she was away. I created a craft for her to post on her blog.
Now, Jen’s family is a bit different. Jen and her husband adopted 6 children from various parts of the world. When I first saw Jen’s blog and the pictures of her beautiful family I immediately thought of heaven! They are a family made up of people from all parts of the world who are living and praising God together. Just like the sweet children in Jen’s family we are God’s children. We are from every land across the world. But our different backgrounds don’t matter to God! Just like the background of these kids doesn’t matter to Jen and her husband.
God is our Father and we are His children! And after we have lived a good life of service for our Heavenly Father we will reach our perfect home in heaven where we will live as HIS children
“Forever For Always, No Matter What!!”
This is the craft I created with Jen and her family in mind.
I modeled the children in my picture after Jen’s children.
Because the printable children I have created for this craft are blank you can make the children look as different as you like. And this craft can be an art project for one child to make on paper or a group project for a bulletin board.
You will need:
For a Paper Project 

For a Bulletin Board  

All these patterns are available for free in our Shop!

Color the printable people. If you are doing this in a group have each child draw him/herself. Then cut them out. Staple the cotton to the paper or bulletin board. Staples work better than glue when working with cotton. Just be sure to fluff the cotton before and after you staple it. (Fiber-fill is easier to work with.)

Glue your people onto the paper so they look like they are walking on the clouds. OR Staple on the people if you are creating a bulletin board.
Now add/write the saying.
“All who do God’s will are His children!”
I created the project pictured above, but my kids made a bulletin board display of our family.
Here are a few pictures:
I asked Rachel to add a black outline to the hair of the people with
 light-colored hair so the black head outline didn’t stand out.
 Our family’s bulletin board:
(We used one of the small printable people for baby Caleb)
 Abby (age 4) had so much fun creating the people she just didn’t want to stop!
Here are her other people on her bedroom wall.
She even named them!
We had a great time creating these and I hope you enjoy them, too!
Your sister in Christ,
 Thanks to Jen for the guest post opportunity and I pray that God will continue to bless her wonderful family, as well as, all of your families!


  1. What a great bulletin board idea!!! I think I'll be using this one at our church.

  2. This is just so beautiful, Jennifer! Thank you for sharing your gifts…You are a blessing! Thank you so much for the Liebster award and I hope to pay it forward. God Bless!

  3. Thanks so much everyone! I really appreciate the feedback!God Bless!

  4. Dear Jennifer,Thank you so much for your comment. I love feedback! And I looove your blog!Grace

  5. Jennifer, I did your craft with my first graders and they loved it! I'm not sure what they enjoyed more… stapling the \”clouds\” to the paper or designing the children's outfits. It was a fun craft. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with all of us!!

  6. Noreen, You don't know how much that means to me! Thanks for letting me know! God Bless!

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