One of the things our family is doing this year for Lent is to pray for a person or group of people each day. Together we created the list and wrote the list down on a calendar so we could remember who we were praying for each day during Mass and/or our daily rosary. 
Since my younger kids have been enjoying those cute little people images I created for my last craft project I recruited them to color one of the little people patterns for each of the people on our prayer list.  This was a great activity to keep them busy while I was teaching the bigger kids their school lessons! The kids had a lot of fun being creative when making the different people! 

They created all sorts of people from our prayer list including a firefighter, policeman, doctor, pregnant woman, politician, farmer, a person who is sad and one who is poor, as well as a priest, the pope, and lots of other interesting people. 
I think I have “The Village People” hanging in my kitchen!!
The kids had so much fun creating these and it really helps the younger kids to remember who we are praying for! If you want to create a prayer chain of people here are my patterns for the people:


The People Patterns which are available include:
Simple people patterns:
  • Dress or Robe (no face)
  • Dress or Robe (with face)
  • Pants (no face)
  • Pants (with face)
Prefer smaller people?
  • Mini Set – with faces
  • Mini Set – without faces
Other Patterns:
  • Bishop
  • Pope
  • Angels (with faces)
  • Angels (without faces)

All these patterns are available for free in our download store!

Enjoy and God Bless!


  1. these are too cute, Jennifer! thanks, we'll definitely use these little people!! I love the idea of praying for people as a Lenten activity with children.

  2. What a great idea, Jennifer. Thank you for sharing this unique idea! It is a great way to make praying for someone a tangible thing for the kids.

  3. That's a great idea Jennifer! It's more meaningful to children to have a picture with their prayer intention… at least, I think it does!

  4. This is priceless. I'm not sure I could have that many people staring at me during school, but i think the cute factor would get me through it.Great way to remind the kids that we are praying for real people!

  5. So adorable! What a concrete way to show our kids the importance of praying for each other. Thanks for the idea!

  6. This idea was a HUGE hit in our family! We, too, chose a person/family to pray for on each of the 40 days of Lent. Then my children proceeded to make the people – some families have up to 10 children – and each one is represented…105 in all…taped onto a purple yarn and hung in the window near our kitchen table. We added a sign next to the string of people that reads: Lord hear our prayer. Today is the ____ day of Lent and we are praying for______. Finally, we added an arrow to point out the person/family/group who is the focus of our prayer for the day. Beautiful!

  7. While I found and printed off the Little People sheet during Lent, I used it for another purpose.My youngest was born with a heart defect and he's been prayed for A LOT. We also pray daily for his \”hospital and Caring Bridge prayers, especially….\” The list of names changes depending on hospitalizations or other circumstances.What I've done is print a sheet and let him color it, then we write a name on each person/child and I hang them his bedroom door. Everyone who walks by can read the names and keep those children in their prayers.THANK YOU for making this a more visible activity!God bless!

  8. Wonderful ideas! I don't know how many I've pinned so far! I love your site! The only thing I don't love is the \”please prove you're not a robot\” because the letters and numbers are so unclear! And the only reason I've been making comments apart from really appreciating the ideas here, is your emoticons! I have to confess I love that too! (o) Patsy from HeARTworks

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