I have two kiddos receiving their First Penance and First Communion this year! (Plus one receiving her Confirmation! It’s a busy year!) My 4th and 5th born were blessed to receive First Confession this past Saturday! It was a wonderful time! While Joshua (age 9) acted like an old pro and just walked into the confessional without looking back, Elizabeth (age 8) needed a lot of sweet-talking and hugs to calm her fears. But she came skipping out of the confessional with a grin on her face that just beamed and stretched from one ear to the other!!
So for a special treat, I made white cupcakes with white icing to symbolize their clean souls! I added a topper to each cupcake like this:
I just taped a toothpick to the back and stuck one into each cupcake.

Here is a printable PDF for the toppers for anyone who would like them. (Photo paper works well)

Or you could make stickers for those kids who have just gone a Reconciliation!
Stickers for the kids who have received Reconciliation could be nice for any age! Teachers could give them to the kids who choose to go to confession in the time allowed during school! Perhaps he could add a bit of “advertising” to the other kids who choose not to go?!?! 😉

Okay just for fun I had to add this:

We all had a good laugh when Elizabeth added the “Clean Soul” sticker to my new white shoes!  It was a fun wordplay; clean soul and clean sole! 😀


  1. Witty child! what a blessing to have two little ones receiving these beautiful sacraments this year. I've got a couple more years before I need those cupcake toppers but I'll be sure to use them !! thanks for sharing.

  2. Great stickers. I know what 1st communion is but not first penance. Hope everything goes beautifully for your children:) Thanks for linking up to the NOBH

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