Okay, I’m not a professional chef, but I can cook a nice filling meal for my family of 11 people! I can’t make a fancy Passover/Holy Thursday meal, but we ate lamb just the same!
Early this morning, after my older girls and I read the free excerpt from Monica’s book “A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families, the girls wanted me to make lamb. Well, that is not a meal I could even begin to create. So I started giving them ideas of things I could make which could be our new family tradition for Holy Thursday.
The girls loved the idea of Sheppard’s Pie. I made 2 -13×9 inch casserole pans of Sheppard’s pie (with beef) to feed everyone -that’s as close as I got to making lamb.  I also used  Monica’s excerpt to make Haroset for the little bit of Matzah we happened to have on hand.
We didn’t have enough Matzah to go around and feed everyone, so the girls wanted to make some simple whole wheat flat biscuits. While they made the dough, I quickly drew them a picture of how to shape and arrange the biscuits on the pan. They did a great job recreating my picture.
So we struck the Shepherd’s pie and the biscuit sheep dispersed (Mark 14:27b).  We ate our cute little unblemished lamb who takes away the hunger of the family (John 1:29) along with that tasty Haroset!
   Thanks, Monica, for inspiring us to start a new family tradition!!
Maybe next year I can make real lamb, but the kids loved the “biscuit lamb” so much I’m sure we’ll have to create it again! They might even what to make it for Easter, too!
May you all have a blessed Good Friday!


  1. Hi Jennifer! Your biscuit lamb turned out great. Even more meaningful for children because it was an actual depiction of a lamb. Have a Blessed Good Friday!

  2. Hi Jennifer, What a great idea! And BTW, you don't have to make lamb too difficult. We have lamb and I'm not a great chef. A leg of lamb is easy to make and my husband always teases the kids with the bone after. \”See kids, see where the little lamb's knee was?\” So cruel. Have a blessed Easter!

  3. Thanks Noreen! Actually, the kids had a bit of a hard time eating the lamb! They just said he was too cute to eat! Once my husband helped himself to a biscuit, the kids were happy to follow! Hope you are having a blessed Easter!

  4. LOL!! 😉 Well, dad's are often that way! My dad was. As a child, we lived on a farm and he had very little sympathy when we ate my “pet” cow! As for cooking lamb…my large family has forced me to try many new cooking techniques! I'm enjoying the challenge! I'd be happy to give lamb a try – I'd just need more notice than 12 hours!! ;-)Thanks and God bless!

  5. The lamb is such a great idea! I have been trying to figure out how to use lamb as one of our foods in my Sunday School lesson about Holy Thursday. I think I might try to make monkey bread lambs like that! Thanks!

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