I thought some of you might like to see the banners that my kids had done for their First Communion.

This banner was designed and created 5 years ago by my second-born daughter, Rebekah. She LOVED to paint so she used acrylic paint on a green sheet of stiff felt.
Since she was only 8 years old, I used masking/painter’s tape along the edges of the items so if she accidentally went out of the area she was painting it would still be straight. The tape was a lifesaver on this project! (Note: the lighter colors needed a least 3 coats of paint)
 Rebekah made the rays around the cross and Host using a glitter glue stick. She added red glitter to the drops of blood and blue glitter to the drops of water She also added a sequin string and gems to the chalice.
We used Sharpie markers along all the edges of everything to make it look a bit neater. We used a dark purple and black sharpie marker to make all the individual grapes, brown for the wheat center, and green to add the leaf veins.
We hot glued a dowel rod to the back and tied on a string so we could hang it!
She did a great job!
May God bless you!

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  1. Jennifer,Your children's banners are beautiful! They must take after you in the crafty creative department. Not to say that your hubby isn't artistic but I know you are!

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