These were a fun treat that I made to accompany the First Communion cake that we had to celebrate the First Communion of our two second grade children this past weekend!
They would also work well when doing a theme about the Good Shepherd, like this past weekend which was Good Shepherd weekend!! 😉
You will need:
  • cupcakes with white icing
  • miniature marshmallows
  • white icing (for the eyes)
  • chocolate syrup (for the eyes)
  • Chocolate animal crackers (the buffalo work best!)
  • toothpicks
Take a chocolate animal cracker (buffalo work best) break off the legs (and head if necessarily) to form a long narrow sheep’s face. The legs make the ears.  Put the face on the cupcake and then add the ears.
Surround the face with miniature marshmallows, pressing them into the icing on the cupcake.
Use a toothpick to add two balls of white icing for the eyes.
Use another toothpick to add chocolate icing on top of the white drops to finish the eyes.
That’s it! It’s easy to make a flock of  YUMMY sheep!!!!
If you are making these for a First Communion celebration
you also might like the Chalice and Host shaped cake, too!
Hope you have fun making and eating these cute little guys!
God Bless!

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