This week has been a busy week! I took my one-year-old son into the emergency room Tuesday evening. He acquired a huge gaping cut in his eyebrow area after he fell into a cabinet. The huge deep cut had to have 5 stitches! He’s the first of our 9 kids to need stitches, although I imagine that he will not be our last! Then on Friday, our oldest was blessed to receive her Confirmation! It was beautiful, and our Bishop did a great job when he spoke to the kids! During all that business I was also busy preparing for a family get-together in honor of Our Blessed Mother! So today we had a wonderful little tea party in honor of Mother Mary!
Since Mother Mary was the reason for our Mother’s Day event, I felt she needed a special place of Honor! So I made this altar using a simple mosquito canopy, fancy ribbons, strings of pearls, white roses, and large drop gem beads.  I hung the canopy in our bay window and tied up the one side so it was open. I added all the decorations using clear thread and I also hung the large drop gems to the back behind Mary to make the canopy sit level.  It turned out so lovely, the pictures just don’t do it justice!
Click here to see how to make a floral crown for a Marian statue
Here are a few other mini Mary altars I had set out for the party:
We had a great time at our party and we plan to have one again next Mother’s day! Here’s a picture of myself (in blue) and my 6 daughters along with my mother.
Yes, my two oldest daughters are outgrowing me! But that’s not too hard since I stopped growing when I was their age! I’d add a picture of my daughter with the Bishop at her Confirmation, but I forgot to take my camera to the ceremony. (Thankfully, my mother got a picture. I have to get it from her!) BTW: My little guy is fine and he’s healing very well. He’s back to his normal adventurous self! Oh, he worries me every time he falls now! I’m finding more and more gray hair!
Happy Mother’s day to my heavenly Mother and to my earthy mother!
And may God bless all Mothers!


  1. Jennifer, glad to hear your lil guy is ok. thanksfully it looks as though the stitches went right on his eyebrow hair line. so it should not be all that noticeable. congratulations to your daughter on her confirmation, what a lovely sacramental day I'm sure it was. I love your beautiful Mary Altar and all the trimmings. The crown is beautiful. the statue is lovely, as is the beautiful drapings. your mini altars are lovely too. what a wonderful idea to have a Mary crowning tea and have so many Mary-loving friends to invite!

  2. Hi Jennifer, So glad to hear your son is healing well. 🙂 What a busy weekend for you – emergency, sacraments and Mother's Day tea! My CCD class received their sacraments too, so it was a very busy week of rehearsals and preparation.I love the little altars. It is almost like they are hidden little treasures throughout the area. So sweet and inspirational. Blessings, Kalei

  3. Thank you Gardenia! My little guy just had the stitches taken out this evening! Lots of fighting and screaming -but not as much as putting them in!! As for the cut being noticeable – only time will tell. The doctor said that depends on how his eyebrow comes back in. It might cover it or his hair may not comeback in at all because of the scar! I think it looks like the scar is just below the hair line, so I think it will be fine! Ether way I'm just so thankful he's safe. I'm not sure what would have happened had he hit that cupboard hing any lower on his face! Thanks again! God Bless.

  4. Thanks, Kalei! I hope your CCD class and all the kids had a wonderful holy day! Sadly, I had to pack up all my little altars. And I had to move the large Mary altar to the bay window in my bedroom. My little guy is a crazy on-the-go fellow! He has been climbing up on EVERYTHING!!! They say every family has one of those kids; well it took me to #9 to have mine! (Although, I thought I had already had a few of those on-the-go kids, but he makes them seem easy!) God Bless.

  5. You look like one of the kids in the picture! Your altar is just beautiful! +JMJ+

  6. Thank you! I hope Mother Mary likes it! 🙂 I know I look young…When I was pregnant with my 5th baby (in my late 20's) and I had an older woman at the store fussing about me being too young to have children! She thought I was 14!!!! You should have seen the looks my husband and I received when we were dating!! He looked much older because he had a full beard and then there was me -looking 12!! I imagine we did look odd! 😉

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