I can’t believe it’s the 22nd already, but it is!!
So, it’s time for another link-up party!

First, for those who care, I’ll give you a quick update on my “To Do” list!
With the help of my dad I now have a garden complete with raised boxes!!! It’s sooo nice! That’s something I’ve been longing to have for many years! Although I bought a bunch of seeds from St. Clare’s Seeds (*No GMOs*) I couldn’t plant too much this year since it took us a bit longer to complete the creation of the garden and boxes. Many days we were unable to work do to the overabundance of rain. But I’m still happy, it’s ready for next year!  So next summer I’ll have a nice crop ~I hope! 😉
Our home addition has to be finished by July, (according to the permit) and my Handy Hubby is working hard to get that done! I just spent this past evening crapping drywall plaster and paint off the sub-floor so it’s ready for flooring! Hopefully my husband and dad will have that flooring down by Saturday night! After that my husband can add the heaters and the baseboard trim. Once the addition has its final inspection, I’ll be beaming with the joy!! I can finally reorganizing my house and moving into our new addition!
I’ll add some pictures of the finished addition later, for anyone interested in seeing it!

Now it’s time for a 

Feel free to share your faith-centered home posts with us!

The Rules:
  • Please add posts about Catholic decor, crafts and activities we can do with our kids, home-school ideas, organization ideas, or any other post that can help Catholic families in our everyday life.
  • Link to me on your blog/post so others can come and join in too! You may use one of my buttons if you like, or just make a text link of your own.
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I can’t wait to see your posts!
God Bless!

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  1. Hi Jennifer! Thank you for reminding me about your link up, I totally forgot and I wanted to remember it. St. Anne is my patron and who wouldn't love Tea with such a wonderful saint?! Her feast is next month and I'm hoping to plan a day worthy of such a saint.. most likley involving tea too :p I posted a couple of things, St. Anthony isn't in July so if that is in the wrong spot please let me know. God bless!

  2. I'm so glad you could join in, CeAnne! I have tea with a verity of saints, most people think I'm just talking to myself! That's not much different then when I talk to my kids, because I often think I really am talking to myself when I speak to them! :-)I'm sure that St. Anne will be very pleased with whatever you have planned! Your celebrations are always so nice! As for St Anthony and the link-up. I'm not picky. The link-up's about living our faith. It's about Moms sharing ideas. Even if it's a past feast day. I'll try to remember your St. Anthony ideas for next year! Thanks so much for sharing and May God bless your whole family!

  3. Jennifer, Thank you for your kind comment and for inviting me to link up my Peach Harvest post. I am happy to share the recipes with your readers.

  4. Thanks for joining in, Elisa! I just live all your wonderful healthy food posts! It inspires me to try new healthy foods with my family! God Bless!

  5. A new addition on your home– how exciting! I look forward to seeing the photos. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. I am happy to be your newest follower. God bless, Lisa

  6. Hi Lisa!! I was pleased to find you(not that you were lost)! Our addition is actually *NOW* ready for inspection!! Say a prayer! I'm excited to share some pictures with you all! Thanks for following me! God bless!!

  7. I think your blog is wonderful! 🙂 And I linked up, as well.

  8. Thank you, Alyianna! And thanks for linking-up; I love your sandwiches! 😉 God Bless!

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