I love the imagination of God! He is Awesome!!!!!! All of us were individually created by this amazing God with an unending creativity! Every one of us is so different! Our personalities, our appearances, the way we walk, the way we talk. The talents we have and the abilities which our wonderful God has given us are truly mind boggling!
We are all so different and yet we were all made by this same perfect Creator!

I did this art project with my Art Co-op this past school year. It was such an eye opener to me about how different we all really are. Not that I didn’t know it, but this really proved it!!

You will need:

  • large paper
  • some type of spot light 
  • pencil, pen, or marker
  • painters tape (low adhesive tape)
  • magazines
  • glue 
  • scissors

In a darkened room, tape the large paper to a wall and have the child(ren) stand/sit between the paper and a light source, such as a quartz light, a spot light, or a lamp with no shade.  Using their shadow, draw each child’s profile silhouette onto the paper.

Just seeing the different shaped heads, noses, lips, and chins was very fun to see. The kids loved sharing them with each other!!

The kids carefully cut out the silhouette and took it home to make a collage of things they like. They used magazines to cut out pictures of things they liked. After gluing on their pictures they had to cut the edges of their silhouette again so you could see the shape of the head. (cut from the back side at this point)

When they came back to the next class I was amazed to see so many different projects! Everyone had different things to show and tell about! Even the way they organized (or not) showed more about their differences! They all looked wonderful in their own awesome way!






I know this project is not as Catholic as I typically create, but it was such a great project to show God’s creativity I had to share it!!  It would work well if you are talking about creation, so kids can see how God can have an unending imagination -for He created everything from nothing, from the tiniest germ to the tallest mountain, and all the different plants and animals, even down to our own personality. 
No one is more creative than God!!
Praise be to God!!
God Bless!!


  1. Great project. I'm doing this with my Jr high teens in ministry. Thanks for linking this to the Our Favorite Things Link Party

  2. Thanks, Lisa! The kids really did such a great job!! God Bless!

  3. That's great! I hope they enjoy it!! God Bless!

  4. Love it, will think about how to incorporate this with sacrament prep this year. thanks for so many wonderful projects

  5. These turned out really great and I find this idea inspires me creatively!

  6. I look forward to trying this one, as soon as we can find some magazines to use!!

  7. This is really neat. Need to do this with my kids before school starts!! – Jill

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