I’m going to share a few pictures of an old toy box my kids have been using for many years! It was one I decorated for the kids years ago and has been used by all 9 of my kids. The toy box was handmade by a friend who used scrap wood to create this sturdy little box! The stencil design is now a little outdated, but it’s the idea of adding Catholic images to furniture that I wanted to share more than anything…..
Before I explain my reasons for adding Catholic images to this toy box I want to tell you a few of my thoughts….
I’m sure most of you heard about the shooting in Colorado at a movie theater. The shooter, who was idolizing the Joker from the previous Batman movie, shot and killed 12 people and injured 60. Now, I have to tell you that our family loves a good superhero movie, but we would not let our kids see that last Batman movie with the Joker. Don’t get me wrong, superheroes are okay, but be sure it’s clear to kids who the villain is and that they are hurting people when they do the things they do in the movies.  I think it’s important that kids want to imitate the good guy and not the bad guy. The main reason we didn’t let our kids watch the last Batman movie was exactly that! The Joker was evil and as a “joker”, he made evil look fun which is very dangerous for young minds!
So why am I bringing up this horrible event?
I want to point out how important it is for us as parents, teachers, and guardians to make sure that kids idolize good and holy people! Surround your kids with stories and images of Jesus, Mary, and the saints! 
Which brings me back to the toy box…..The neat thing about this toy box is that my kids get to see Jesus and Mary every time they play! And it will always be a reminder of how it is they should act. It may not seem like much, but little things like this can make a difference in a child’s head.
So how did I add Catholic images to this toybox?
As you can see it has religious pictures on each side. These pictures were ones that I cut out from Catholic magazines. The decorative borders around the pictures were from old wallpaper. (The original picture which was in the middle was of naked angels -not very kid friendly) So I replaced the original picture with family friendly images of Mary and Jesus! And the green leaves are painted from an ivy stencil.
After gluing the images onto the toy box I used a clear sealer to keep the images protected from the kids. Modge-podge will work, too, but be sure to add about 3 coats.
Please, say a prayer for the victims and their families.
And don’t forget to pray for the shooter, too.
Look for a Novena for the victims of the shooting at Life of a Catholic Teen ~ Click here

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God Bless!


  1. I love your toy box! those images are beautiful !! and what a wonderful tool for instilling Christ in everything, even in play! I also appreciate your analysis of good role models. There are so many wonderful Christian movies children can watch instead of the ones offered in the mainstream.

  2. Love It, And I Agree. I Always Tell my Children That the Only One That has Super Hero Powers Is God Almighty, and that With God In Our Heart, and Soul, No Evil…is going to Banish us From Earth, Heaven, Nor Eternity

  3. I love the toybox. We also try to have images of Mary, Jesus and the Saints all over the house. It is a constant reminder that we are to do everything for Christ. My daughter is embroidering the Morning Offering to hang in the kitchen. It is so important to instill virtues at a young age. We also don't let our kids watch mainstream tv or movies unless we preview it. God Bless and thanks for sharing.

  4. I love the toy box, Jennifer! Wise thoughts on kids and movies. My daughter heard about the shooting and was questioning me about it today after Mass. The priest had a great homily on how we overuse electronics today (as I'm on the computer writing this to you…lol) and the importance of families spending quality time together.

  5. Thank you, Monica!

  6. Thanks, Gardenia and “Anonymous”, I find your comment about God being a superhero funny! I’ve told my kids that same thing!!! 😉

  7. Thanks, Tina Marie! I'll bet your daughter's doing a great job!! I hope you're going to share it on your blog! Have you seen the Morning Offering printable craft that my kids did? We don't even get any regular TV. The only TV our kids can watch is DVD's and they are ALWAYS previewed first!!! My husband is great at editing, too!!! When we preview a movie, he sets the counter on the TV and writes down when to mute, fast-forward, skip-chapter, etc! He can take a pg-13 and make it a G!! He's is awesome!!! ;-)God Bless!

  8. Hi Rachel! Thanks for adding the coloring page to the link-up! And you can stop calling me Debbie now. ;-D

  9. Thanks Mary!! I've been trying not to be on my computer so much, and my email is showing it!! I've got over 200 inbox!!! So if anyone's waiting for a response to something, please be patient!!! And your priest is totally right!! When I go out and about I hate seeing people sitting next to their kids as they both are texting and not speaking to each other!! It makes me so sad! Where is the joy in living like that!?

  10. This is a wonderful idea, Jennifer! I love your reflection about the importance of showing our children who the true role models are. Thank you for your prayerful and faithful example:)

  11. Your toy box turned out beautiful and your thoughts on the tragedy in Colorado brings to the attention how important it is for parents to teach our faith. Thank you so much for sharing this on at the Our Favorite Things Link Party

  12. I think your toybox is gorgeous! If someone were to make it today, I could totally see doing the same thing but on a natural wood color and without the ivy leaves. As it is now, it is an heirloom! I love it. What a wonderful friend to create a toybox that lasted through 9 children and is still going! Have a great day!

  13. I love this idea. I've already been known to stencil designs on my furniture, and when you live in an apartment sometimes that's the only thing you're allowed to personalize. I'll put a custom Catholic toy chest on my to-do list for future children!

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