Our Lady of Snows had a feast day last Sunday (Aug 5)
It’s also known as The Basilica of St. Mary Minor in Rome.
I remember as a child my mother had a small picture of Our Lady of Snows hanging up in the kitchen. The picture was particularly fun because it was 3D!
I just loved it, so even at a young age I had a bit of a fetish with Our Lady of Snows!
About Our Lady of Snows
A wealthy but childless Roman couple, John and his wife decided to leave their fortune to the Church. They often prayed to the Virgin asking for guidance on how their wealth could be put to use. The Virgin appeared to them on the night of August 4th and told them that she wished a basilica to be constructed on the Esquiline Hill. She would miraculously leave snow in the middle of the hot month of August on the precise area in which she wanted the church built. Pope Liberius also received the same message from the Virgin.
The next morning John and his wife and Pope Liberius went to the top of the Equiline Hill which had been covered with snow. After they measured out the area for the basilica, the snow disappeared. Pope Liberius immediately called for the construction of the Basilica.
(from: Our Lady’s Promise ~go visit to read more)
Learn more about Our Lady of Snows:
The fun thing about Our Lady of Snows is that her feast day is Aug 5!!!
 So have a little snow fun with the kids in the summer!! 😉
Over the next few days I’m going to be posting three projects my kids and I did together.
One is an art craft for toddlers the other two are science experiments. (Homeschool is starting up!!)
So please be on the lookout for these upcoming posts!!God Bless!

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  1. What a beautiful picture of Our Lady and the child Jesus!

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