Okay! Now for some *snow* fun for my youngsters!
As I’ve said in my last three post, my kids and I are having some wintery fun this fine HOT week in August!
Our Lady of Snows feast day was Aug 5th
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I stumbled onto this fun simple craft idea a few months back at No Time for Flash Card

It super easy for younger kids!
You will need:
  • colored paper (we used blue and purple)
  • white glue
  • cotton balls
  • crystals from the Crystal Snowflake project or glitter (both are optional)

First use the white glue to create a snowflake shape
We made a simple “T” and “X” design
Nice for learning to draw the letters, too! 😉
Then the kids added cotton balls to the white glue lines.
When they finished they looked like this.
Now, you can stop there, but…….
…my kids are over-achievers when it comes to art projects, so they couldn’t stop!!!
My 8 year old daughter said: “That’s it?!?! That’s too simple.” And so the whole group began to ask for more….So I quickly decided to make use of those pretty crystals that were left on the bottom of our crystal snowflake container.
They added more glue designs on and around the cotton ball snowflake. Then they added some of those crystals from our last project. (glitter will work, too.)
They actually had more fun adding the crystals than anything!!


The crystals really did make them look nice and my kids thought they were very beautiful!!
They are now decorating our “Our Lady of Snows bulletin board” along with our crystal snowflakes and rocks, and our “magic” snow!
Our Lady of Snows, pray for us!


  1. How sweet!I think that these snowflakes look very beautiful, too. Our children would love the crystals, too. I'm sure that they'd like this as a winter craft, too. You had a good idea to show them that the letters are in there. I have some that would have seen that and some who wouldn't. Thanks for posting and for helping me to remember that next year I need to pay more attention to Our Lady of the Snows!

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