August 22 is the feast of the Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary! So my four youngest girls (Ages 3 to 8) helped me to make a few crowns for the statues of Mary which we have around the house.
I’m going to show you one of the ways we sculpted a crown.
Yes, I did say “sculpt”, but fear not, this is simple, clean, art fun!  It’s easy enough that my 6 year old could do it with only minor help, yet this can be challenging enough for adults to try, too! Just be as creative as your artistic level allows. 😉
You will need:
  • pipe-cleaner (any color)
  • foil (regular or gold)
  • sharpie markers
First you need to tear off a sheet of foil about 2 to 3 inches wide.
Fold back the ends of the pipe cleaner just so it is slightly shorter than the foil.
Place the pipe-cleaner into the foil, longways.
Roll the foil around the pipe-cleaner so the entire pipe-cleaner is covered in foil.
It should look like a long silver stick!
Now place it on the statue you are going to place it on and measure it so it’s the correct size.
Twist the end around each other to form a circle.
Use another piece of foil to make the front of the crown.
We folded the foil over the circle (half in front and half in back).
Now sculpt the foil to look the way you want your crown to look.
Use sharpie markers to make “gems”
This is a picture of our first attempt.
The pictures just don’t look as good as the real thing!!
Foil is so hard to get a good pictures of!!
Here are a few more we made.
The girls and I had a fun time! The more crowns we made, the nicer they looked.
I guess practice does make perfect!
Hail Holy Queen enthroned above! Pray for us!


  1. Great idea. Your girls did a beautiful job. I can't wait til Alexa is old enough to do something like this. Right now she would try to eat the foil. Thanks for sharing a my Our Favorite Things Link Party.

  2. Nice Mom! It really did brighten up our statues!And we still have to make that fudge for tomorrow so we can make those crowns!!!!!!!!:)Raychill

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