Jon and I have slowly been working on a post together…
Life never seems to slow down for long, things always pop-up so our blogging together is not going to be as frequent as we had hoped. But our blog is here and we will post together whenever we can. In the meantime, I thought some of our homeschooling followers might like to see my daily school log. Here in Pennsylvania, we are required to have the full 180 days logged. My evaluator liked this daily log that I made up and it’s been working very well here at our house!
It’s Catholic Inspired, complete with a few religious images!
I have added a “total number of days” page at the end for my high-schooler. So she can total up her days to receive her diploma credits! (It’s our first year homeschooling a high-schooler. ~ with an accredited diploma program.)
The log works well since I can have the kids check off when they have completed a subject. So I don’t have to remember!!
Now, don’t freak if you see the list of subjects across the top. We don’t do them all every day!
We have specific days we learn the non-core subjects.
It’s free for you to use!
You are welcome to use this if you like. Or just use it as inspiration for your own!
I also made another page for the kids to make a list of the library books they read.
That’s one long list by the end of the school year!
I hope you are all having a wonderful school year!
May God bless it with the joy of learning!


  1. Thank you for posting this Jennifer!These are beautiful pages and my printer is running already! I think that this is the nicest log I've seen. I can see why the official liked it.Have a great year!

  2. Beautiful log pages, Jennifer. Thanks for sharing.

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