Every November since 2004 Jon and I have hosted an All Saint’s Day Party. It has been a wonderful alternative to the modern day Halloween events. Halloween was not a bad idea when it originally started, it was to give us all a reminder that we are all going to die and that we need to strive for sainthood. Sadly the harmless skeletons (the symbol of death) have been joined by witches, demons, and vampires (all symbols of evil and Satan). Since the modern day celebrations seem to focus more on Satan’s Army and not God’s Army an All Saint’s Day Party seems the better choice.
At the parties, the kids all dress up like a Saint, and we have games and activities for the kids to do. I often try to have activities that focus on the saints, the Bible, virtues or some other aspects of our faith!  The parties have been great fun and a joy for family members of all ages! They help to put the focus back on what All Holy’s Eve was meant to be. It’s a great reminder that we should all strive to become saints before we die.
If you would like to see some examples of our saint costumes click on the images below:

   Click on the pink image to see the girl costumes

and the blue image to see the boy costumes.
If you would like to see some of our game ideas click here. 

This is a list of our faith-centered game ideas.

About Candy and Goodies
We also give prizes/goody bags to the kids.
The first few years we gave the kids a prize for each game played, but that stated to get out of hand. Some of the kids would grab a handful, or play an easy game time after time just to get a quick prize. Making the less aggressive kids were upset.
So we now gave each child a goody bag as they leave to go home. 
Each family adds a goody/treat (stickers, pencils, small toys, or candy) to each of the bags, which I set out at the party. (Of course, you need to know how many kids are coming so you have enough bags set out at the party.)
The goody bags are much easier for me and less confusing and upsetting for the kids!
Feel free to add old post about All Saints Day!!
 I’d love to see any games or costume ideas you have created in the past!!

Hope you all have a blessed season of Saintly fun!!

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  1. They're all so pretty! Great activities for kids.

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