Today (Sept 27)  is our 15th wedding Anniversary and this is our first post together on our joint blog!! As unplanned as this was, I found it to be 100% appropriate! What’s even more interesting is our first post is about love and marriage!

Anabelle from Written By the Finger of God asked me two weeks ago to do a guest post on our love story. I had to laugh since it was just before our 15th wedding Anniversary! I thought what could be better than to share our love story with all of you 15 years after one of the best days of my life!?  So, to read our love story, please visit Anabelle at Written by the Finger of God. Jon and I both have written our own version of our love story! It was an amazing walk down memory lane as we wrote our stories! I hope you enjoy reading them!
UPDATE: Anabelle closed her blog so I posted the stories here on my blog {CLICK HERE}
Now onto our first joint post:

Marriage and the Holy Trinity
Did you know that marriage is a symbol of the Holy Trinity?
I only learned this a few years ago! Take a look at what Jon has to say:
The idea of marriage has gotten a lot of attention lately. People used to ask the question “should I or shouldn’t I?”. Now it’s a matter of: “What is a marriage? Why should it be called a union between a man and a woman only?”

A long time ago in the book of Genesis, God first created marriage when he gave Eve to Adam. Thousands of years later, Christ revealed that God himself was actually more than we thought. He wasn’t just God, He was a Trinity, a union of three divine persons in one God. In God, there is a Father who is distinct from the Son but loves the Son and gives everything of himself to His Son. This Son accepts everything that his Father gives Him and gives back to his Father everything that he himself is. This total self giving of the Father to the Son and the Son back to the Father never stops. Since God is forever and doesn’t change, so too this giving doesn’t change. In fact, it’s so intense that it actually makes the Third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit. This truth about who God actually is why we understand what marriage is supposed to be: the giving of one selflessly to the other. Each receives everything that the other one is and gives back totally. In this sharing of each other, there is an openness where a third is welcome and can find life. Marriage is meant to be a reflection of the very nature of who God is.
God has shared the truth of who He is and a man and woman embrace that truth when they embrace one another in a total self giving marriage. Any other union that seeks to twist and change what God has made is an attack on the very truth of who He is. Humanity has received from God this truth and the truth of what marriage is meant to be. The question is not what can we turn it into, but can we just embrace it for what it is?

Isn’t that COOL!! 😉
Our kids who have a general understanding of the Holy Trinity thought this concept was neat! The rest just liked doing this fun art project….

For this craft you will need :

  • the free printable sheets (available for free from our shop – Click here)
  • colored pencils
  • ribbon or string (about a yard for each craft)
  • tape
  • scissors
  • hole punch
First color the two hearts (One for the Trinity and one for the married couple). Color as many babies as you like. I colored one baby for each of my living kids.

Cut out the hearts and babies. Use a hole punch to make a hole at the area marked with dots (there are 6 dots).

Use some smaller strips of ribbon/string to tie the two hearts together. The Trinity heart should be on top and the married couple under it.

Tape about three strips of ribbon to the bottom of the married couple’s heart. Use tape to tape the babies to the hanging ribbons.

Add a ribbon to the top of the trinity heart. Use this ribbon to hang your heart mobile.

That’s it!

These would be great when teaching about marriage, or the 7 sacraments. They would also be a great anniversary gift or decoration!!
Hope it you enjoyed it!!
God Bless.
~Jen-Marie and Jon

It’s Free!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! I just love the craft. I'm going to use it when it's my anniversary. Have a great weekend.

  2. What a perfect post and craft. Today's reading \”There's a time for everything\” is so appropriate. This is today's craft for our family. Thanks.

  3. Happy Anniversary to you! May God continue to bless and keep you. What a beautiful art project and thank you for sharing!

  4. This is beautiful and perfect for next Sunday's readings. Happy belated Anniversary!!!

  5. Congrats and thanks for being such a witness! Also, the very best teaching on Marriage that i have ever read! Will pass it on to 8th gr. CCD class! Thanks!

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