In honor of the month of the Rosary and pro-life month (October), as well as, the upcoming Year of Faith, I’m re-posting an old family favorite…

Build a giant Rosary as you pray! This helps to keep kids interested while praying the Rosary! And the pictures on the beads help them to meditate while they pray! Free Printable…

This Pro-Life Rosary is wonderful to use with children and teens to show them the beauty of new life while praying for all mothers and the unborn.
After creating the Rosary, distribute the beads among the people who will be praying.  There are countless ways to do this. Example: If you are praying in a large group each person could get one or two beads. If it’s a smaller group each person who will be reciting a decade could get 11 beads (10 Hail Mary beads and 1 Our Father bead).
As the prayers for the cross, medal, and beads are prayed it should be laid down on the sheet, floor, on a large table or pin it to a bulletin board. When you are finished praying the rosary you should have created a large rosary. Then pick-up the parts and use them again next time, or leave them pinned on your bulletin board as a reminder to pray for the end of abortion.
Rosary creation directions:

You will need:
  • The printable pictures, cross, medal, and beads
  • Glue stick & Scissors
  • A twin-size bedsheet (optional)
  • Laminate(optional)
  • This Pro-life Rosary is made to be printed off and cut out.
*It is a large file with lots of pictures so if you have problems opening it please let me know.* 
Click here for the webpage to download the printable Active Rosary. You will need to make 10 copies of the bead pattern sheet. (Pink and Blue colored paper could be nice.) Then glue one of the printable pictures to each of the 59 beads.

There is a number and a color under each baby picture. If you are using pink and blue paper, glue the picture to the color bead listed and write that number on the back of the bead. I tried to make the baby’s growth progress as the Rosary is said.
I used a twin size bed sheet as a “map” so the kids know where to place the beads.

Layout your rosary on the twin size bed sheet. Once it looks the way you like, used a permanent black pen to put a dot and a number on the sheet under each bead. Be sure the pen you are using doesn’t ‘bleed’ on the sheet or the beads. The numbers on the back of your beads should match the number you write under it on the sheet. The numbers start at 1(the Cross) and go to 61(the last bead). (59 beads + the medal + the cross= 61)
I marked the “Our Father” beads as suns to help the younger kids. 

Mark the center medal with an oval on the sheet (it’s #7)
and draw a small cross where the cross should be (#1)

If you don’t have a bedsheet, you can lay the rosary out on the floor, a large table, or pin it to a bulletin board. If you wish, you can get a string to use as a pattern for the participants to lay the cross, medal, and beads on. The sheet seemed to work best with young kids. It was easy for them to understand where they should lay the beads.

If you plan to use this rosary activity often it may be best to laminate all of these parts after you have cut them out, glued on the pictures, and written the numbers on the back.

Thanks for helping end abortion and save babies!! God Bless!



  1. This is so beautiful!! I'm going to be sharing it with my moms group at church. Hopefully we can get the families at church involved in something like this. Love the pictures. Jill L

  2. This is an amazing idea!!! :o)Hi I'm a new follower from Catholic Mothers Online!! I'm looking forward to reading. :o) JamieFor Love of Cupcakes

  3. Hi Jennifer!! Thank you so much for linking at Familia Catolica!! I loved this idea!! I have to try it!! Your children are do cute!! blessings!!

  4. Wow- love this idea! And the picture with the baby in the middle of the rosary is adorable! And the term \”Craftolic\” is also adorable! 😉

  5. This is a great way to motivate kids to pray the rosary! It adds a bit of fun. Your children are so sweet!

  6. Oh, I just realized I wasn't following your new site! I fixed that 🙂

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