As I was sitting at my dining room table making my Advent seasonal plans and I came up with this idea for my girls to make for St. Lucy’s day. After creating one, to test my idea, I thought, “Duh!! I feel sooo silly…This is a nice easy activity for the kids to make their own Advent wreath.” — You see I’ve had a destructive, yet cute, baby in the house for the past 14 Christmases and I have never had a real Advent wreath to sit on our dining room table. So this paper wreath is as close as we have ever gotten to having one! Sounds silly I’m sure, but that’s just how it’s been! I just never thought to much about it till this year! 

This Advent wreath is super easy, all you need is colored paper, scissors, glue, and tape or staples.

Because I originally planned to make this a St. Lucy’s  wreath, the colors are different in the pictures than they are for the Advent wreath. 

Cut out two strips of green paper. We cut ours in a zig-zag type pattern, to give it more of a wreath look.

 Staple/tape the two strips together at the ends to create a circle.

Cut 3 tall rectangles out of purple paper and one tall rectangle out of pink.
(or, as pictured, cut 4 white for St. Lucy)

Staple/tape them to the wreath. They are the candles.

Now draw four teardrop shapes on yellow paper and add a little orange to the bottom to make it look like a flame. After cutting them out we drew orange flames to the other side, too.

Staple/tape one flame to the top of the correct colored candle throughout the weeks of Advent.

Cut out circles from red paper to make berries. Use glue to add them to the wreath. We used the berries to cover our staples. It worked well!

My little “test subject” was so excited about the cute little wreath-hat! She didn’t want to wait till the 13th (St Lucy’s day) to make them and that was okay, because she was just as happy to make one for the start of Advent as an Advent Wreath!
I’m sure my girls will have just as much fun making them again to wear on the 13th, too!

Cheers to happy kids! 😉

God Bless.

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