I’m most likely getting this out too late for most of you to use it, but I thought I’d post it anyway. This is a coloring activity for Advent.

My oldest daughter, Rachel, drew the coloring pages with the Advent Wreath, the manger, and Baby Jesus. She had hoped I’d share them with all of you. For this coloring page activity, the kids can color the Advent wreath, candles, manager, flames, and Jesus. Then they can glue one flame to a candle each week. On Christmas day they can add Jesus to the manger!

I’d like to thank my second oldest daughter, Rebekah, for coloring the Advent wreath and Jesus images.  She did a great job, as always!! 😉
We accompanied Rachel’s coloring activity with our family’s Advent Prayer Chain. 
The Advent Prayer Chain doubles as a countdown to Christmas!

If you want to make one, too, visit our site to access our free download. Print it onto colored paper (I used red and green). I cut construction paper down to a regular size sheet of paper and placed it into my printer. Worked great! Then cut on the dotted line to make the strips, which you will need to create the chain.  We used a stapler to attach the ends together as we made our chain. We turned the prayer intentions to the inside. 

Each night as we are saying our evening prayers we remove a chain link and say an extra prayer for the special intention listed on that chain link. Click here to visit our download area and get access to the printable prayer chain.

Since Advent is so short this year, there are more chain links on the printables that you will need. So just pick the prayer intentions you like best and use those to make your chain.

Hope you have a blessed Advent!

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  1. This is exactly what I was looking for to help my CCD class remember the Advent season! Thank you!!

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