Just wanted to share a cute Advent idea!
This year we decided to decorate our tree for the Advent Season! Our tree is decked out all in purple: purple balls, purple bows, and purple tinsel! I also made large purple letters to hang on the tree. The letters spell “PREPARE”. (I know they kinda look white in the picture, but they are purple.)
(Click here if you like to print out the letters.)

Why Purple? Well, purple is the color of sacrifice and preparation.  And that is what Advent is all about – preparing yourself for the coming of Christ! One great way to prepare yourself is through sacrifice! Maybe doing extra things to help others or giving up a favorite food!
So yes, Advent is really about prayer and sacrifice, not celebration!
We as Catholics are meant to start celebrating the coming of Christ on Christmas, not before. I know that’s hard, we struggle, too! But it’s a challenge I feel is important to help us build a stronger relationship with God.

Since the Christmas season doesn’t actually start till Christmas, I thought this Advent Tree idea was a perfect idea for our family. I first learned about this Advent tree idea at Tracy’s blog “A Slice of Smith Life“, hop over and visit Tracy. She has a great blog!
The kids love our Advent tree! I even bought pink ornaments to add to the tree for the third week of Advent.
We plan to redecorate our tree Christmas Eve, and cover it with our typical silver and gold star-shaped ornaments!
But for now we wait and prepare for the coming of Christ!

Hope you are all having a blessed Advent!

Click here if you would like to use the “PREPARE” Letters


  1. So, lovely, Jennifer! I love the idea of redecorating on Christmas. Thank you for all you share and God bless your 2nd week of Advent!

  2. Thank you for sharing your family's Advent journey. We are making changes towards making Advent Advent and Christmas Christmas, but it is baby steps. You are planting seeds that will help us towards a true Advent.

  3. Such a pretty tree! I love the idea of an advent tree!

  4. We do this as well! Our tree is a tabletop prelit w/white lights. I wound it with purple ribbon and placed an angel on top. Each day we add one of ornaments created by Michele Quigley and read the scripture that goes with it. (http://michelequigley.com/blog/the-jesse-tree/)For Christmastide we will replace the angel with a star, remove the purple ribbon and Advent ornaments, and decorate with our Christmas ornaments.Your Advent tree is lovely!

  5. Lovely tradition Jennifer. I think having an Advent tree helps keep our priorities straight!

  6. OH I love how you have the word Prepare in your tree. It looks so beautiful. Advent blessings to you and your family!

  7. I really love this idea and I'm linking up in a post on my blog for tomorrow!

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