Just a few days ago I was talking to my oldest two daughters about how having a Santa on the top of a Christmas tree is a sign of how people focus on the wrong thing at Christmas.  Later that night I went to the Dollar store. While I was there finishing my Christmas shopping, I saw a cute little Santa tree topper sitting there with his 3 identical companions.  In an instant, a *Catholic Inspired* thought popped in to my head and so I bought one and brought it home.

Needless to say I totally confused my teen girls as they questioned why I bought a Santa tree topper! Oh, they should know me by now, but I had to assure them that I was not adding it the top of our tree!

And then I gave that Santa tree topper a Catholic Inspired extreme makeover:
From Santa to St. Nicholas!!

With a little bit of red and white felt, small and medium sized gold ribbons, and gold pipe cleaners, I was able to take this $1 Santa tree topper and turn it into a St. Nicholas doll! Abracadabra!

The kids think I’m magic Mom! 😉 And the only thing that I had up my sleeve was a hot glue gun! Ouch!! Oh, no, not really, that could hurt! And no magic, only God’s inspiration! 😉 Here are a few pictures of what I did to inspire you if you find a Santa you would like to “convert”! His hat was just red felt cut into a miter shape, and trimmed with gold ribbon.

For the bottom I added a triangle shaped piece of white felt over top the red and trimmed it with gold ribbon. (I burned the ends of the all ribbons so they don’t fray.)
His staff is three gold pipe cleaners twisted together. All felt and ribbons were hot glued down, because I’m not very good at sewing! Kids are easily amazed! And mine were totally amazed! 😉
Hope you are all having a blessed day!


  1. Love this! You need to repost this before the feast of St. Nick next year:)

  2. Oh, how cute, Jennifer. I hope our Dollar store has a Santa tree topper – which \”dollar\” store?

  3. Thank you, Patty, Michelle and Mary!!! Mary, it was the “Dollar Tree”, but I think I saw similar ones at the “Family Dollar”. I thought about getting another one to make one for my sister's kids. But I'm not sure I'll be able to get out. 🙁 I just had my wisdom teeth removed today and I'm recovering. Maybe they will have them after Christmas??? I bet they don't! — Besides how many of my readers live in my area and are heading to that dollar store to make one?? LOL!! They only had three left!! 😀 Hope you all have a blessed day!! (((HUGS)))

  4. This was a great idea Jennifer. Perfect example of the Holy Spirit at work. Have a blessed week.

  5. Thank you so much for this wonderful idea!I admire you for teaching your kids the real meaning and spirit of Christmas. I too have resolved a few Christmases ago to celebrate Christmas in my home as it should be celebrated–Christ-centered.But doing away with the secular traditions of Christmas without depriving the children with the joy of the season can be a struggle. But with God's grace I have been getting lots of wonderful ideas from crafty Christian moms like you! Thank you soooo much!

  6. I will be checking our dollar store to recreate this! Wonderful

  7. Merry Christmas, Jennifer and family! Thank you for all that you share and offer…May the joys of the Christmas season fill your heart with joy and peace.

  8. You are a magic mom Jennifer! Thank you for sharing your \”magic\” with all of us!

  9. What an inspiration!! Thank you for sharing….from an avid St. Nicholas collector!!

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