A few weeks ago, I was telling our kids the story of the day my little brother and I got lost in the snow covered woods as we looked for a mini cedar tree. We lived on a 60 acre farm with lots of woods, and I had this crazy desire to put a small tree on our dinning room table and decorate it! Ya, I was crafty back then, too! 😉 So after telling my younger brother about my plan, he grabbed a shovel to tag along! (I was about 10, he was 8)  So the two of us wondered through the woods in search of the perfect little tree to do the job. After searching and searching we began to realize we had no idea where we were! Well, fear not – I used my knowledge of the sun to find the way back home! But it was a day I’ll never forget!
Well, after sharing my story with my kiddos, my 8 year old daughter, Elizabeth, had a fetish with the idea of having a Christmas tree in her bedroom! I told her I didn’t recommend that she wander through our woods to find one! But I wandered through the Christmas section of Wal-mart and found a few miniature, sparkly Christmas trees – and I didn’t even get lost!! 😉
These little trees were made to be used in one of those miniature Christmas villages. I bought 4 trees, at a dollar a piece, and gave one to each of my youngest girls. 
They decorated them with sparkly pipe-cleaners and pony beads. I helped to hot glue the parts and pieces down. 
They just loved them and now they each have a tree in there bedroom. Little Naomi (with mom’s help) discovered that they worked great in her doll house as a Christmas Tree for her dolls! 
Such a simple joy and without the fear of getting lost! 😀 Hope your Christmas Season is joyful and peaceful!


  1. I could see your children wanting a similar adventure! Much better to find e supplies at Walmart!

  2. I love the trees. Pretty, pretty! Your girls are even more precious. They look so thrilled to be making their own trees. Merry Christmas to you all, Jennifer! : )

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