Balthazar, Melchior, and Caspar are still searching for Baby Jesus…. And now, here are the next three days of their crazy adventure:

Searching for Jesus ~ Day 8
Okay, now who came up with this idea!? Balthazar, was it you!? I think these poor little guys are starting to get desperate!  Balthazar and Melchior used a rubber band to sling-shot Caspar up to the ceiling fan!! I guess for a better view?!

I told you Caspar is daring! He actually let them talk him into that?!
Now how is he going to get down?!

Searching for Jesus ~ Day 9

Oh no! Using a string Balthazar and the camel lowered Melchior down to the ceiling fan switch and turned it on!
It made Caspar fly off the fan and into the Christmas tree!!!
Well that’s one way to get down!

Searching for Jesus ~ Day 10

Balthazar and Melchior used their string to send Caspar a “life line”.
Good thing Caspar had his staff to reach it!!
Now he can climb out of the Christmas tree!
Since they got out of that catastrophe, I think they can continue to search for Baby Jesus tomorrow! Wishing you and yours a blessed New Year!!


  1. hahaha…. this is awesome! It made me laugh 😀 Thank you for all the wonderful work you do, it is amazing and very inspiring! I am a first time mom of a 3 year old boy and I get a lot of help from your beautiful website, please keep it up 😉 God bless and a blessed new year!

  2. Too funny Jennifer! Good thing the wise men knew how to work well together!

  3. I LOVE this idea, Jennifer! What a clever idea! I'm enjoying seeing where the wise men are each day. : )

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