Wisemen Adventures ~ Days 17 to 19
This is our Elf on the Shelf Alternative:
If you missed the first few post click here to learn the whole story!
Searching for Jesus ~ Day 17
Meeting new friends is always good, but these friends are a bit odd! Particularly the hairy one! I’m not sure they can understand a word he’s saying!

Balthazar and Melchior are asking for directions. They had hoped that these strange strangers will have an idea of where the Infant King is hiding.  Sorry no luck, let’s see if Caspar fared any better….

Caspar has engaged in a friendly light-saber battle and he’s winning against two Jedi!!
WOW! Way to go, Caspar!
Searching for Jesus ~ Day 18
Balthazar and Melchior are checking out the pencil basket in our school room!
That Balthazar is a spry older fellow! Look at him scale that basket!
But, where is Caspar?
Oh no, Caspar! It’s not a pool and that ruler is not a high dive!
Don’t jump!
Searching for Jesus ~ Day 19
Today we found them in the DVD cabinet looking through the movies!
Balthazar and Melchior are looking for a clue as to where to find baby Jesus.
They think they may have found something that could help.
Caspar became distracted by Zoe in her tutu!
He made himself a tutu from a hair-tie and a cut-up tissue!
He really does like tissues! He is one crafty fellow! 😉
They don’t have much time left to find baby Jesus!
Let see what happens tomorrow!
Blessings till then!

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