Happy feast of the Epiphany!
What a blessed day! And I thought I\’d share the craft my 8 year old daughter and I made yesterday.
We made three glittery crowns and they made a great centerpiece for our table!
It\’s so simple, but it uses glitter! Now I know many moms hate glitter, but I love glitter! It\’s such a fun way to decorate! Besides it\’s Christmas time! You have to use glitter and be messy at Christmas or it just doesn\’t feel like Christmas.  😉
So here\’s what you need:
  • 2 toilet paper tubes
  • white glue 
  • paint brush
  • glitter
  • scissors
  • I also used a zip-lock bag for the glitter (to make it less messy)

Cut the toilet paper tubes in half and cut out triangle shaped wedges at top of each half tube to make a crown shape. You need three crowns for the 3 kings!
Paint white glue all over the outside of the crown.
Roll the crown in glitter till it\’s covered.
I put my glitter in a zip-lock bag to help keep the mess at a minimum.
Spread the glitter out inside the bag and roll the crown around in it.
Knock off the extra glitter before taking it out of the bag.   
That\’s it! You now have a shinny gold crown!
Now do it again 2 more times to make three crowns.
We added LED tea-lights to the center of ours and placed them under our mini tree with our wisemen figurine.  It looked so neat as the light made the glitter shine off the table top! 🙂
Did I mention I love glitter!
These crowns would be a great craft for Our Lady\’s Queenship or the feast of Christ the King, too!

If you missed yesterday\’s post you missed a lot of fun ideas for the Epiphany!

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  1. Going to try this craft with 3rd grade religious education class tomorrow—thank you for the great idea!

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