I wanted to share a picture of our Christmas cupcakes.
The kids loved them!!
We used Prepared Not Scared \’s printable nativity images as our cupcake toppers. These images are actually for a complete play/script which kids can act out. The play is the complete story of the Nativity!
Both are very fun!!  You can find the images and play at their site: 
Prepared Not Scared .

The straw on top of the cupcakes is shredded coconut, but if you don\’t like coconut, you could use yellow or peanut-butter icing and/or yellow sprinkles.
If you do like coconut, it\’s easy to make yellow coconut!! Just place a cup of coconut into a zip-loc bag, add a few drops of yellow food coloring, seal it, and shake it up! It works great!

Then, cut out the pictures and taped the top half of a toothpick to each . Now, stick them into the cupcakes. 
The only problem I had was that a few little girls wanted the Mary and Jesus cupcakes!!
They worked it out! 😉

Hope your Christmas season has been full of joy and peace!

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