Last year my kids and I made a Prayer Chain of People to pray for during Lent. This year I decided to go a little simpler. The days have been very busy and I didn’t feel we would have the time to make all the little people again. (Although, many of my kids were complaining that they really wanted to make all those people again! I told them that we’d try to make them again next year!)
This year I made a list of people to pray for and I added that list to a paper chain.
We will remove one of the chain’s links each day and pray for the people who are mentioned on that link. The neat thing is it doubles as a count down to Easter!
I used the following image at the top of my Prayer Chain.
I added a few sheets of decorative purple paper to make it look nice! 😉

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Lenten Link-up!
I\’d like to do a Lenten Link-up like I did last year!
Feel free to add a post (or two or three) anytime during the season of Lent!
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  1. These are wonderful ideas.Would you kindly add Jeff to your prayer chain? He is a prisoner I've written to for 12 years, and he has a resentencing hearing which begins Feb. 25th. Please pray for both justice and mercy.Thank you, and may God grant you and your family a blessed Lenten season.Sue

  2. We're going to work on this today! Thanks and I pray you and your family have a blessed Lent.

  3. Hi NC Sue, I do have a link for prisoners on our Prayer Chain. I will certainly keep Jeff in mind. And thank you for writing to him during his difficult time. I'm sure you have been a blessing to him. Blessings to you both.

  4. Hi Jen! Thank you for any prayers! Hope you and the those sweet kiddies have a great \”Fat Tuesday\”! Sending prayers for you and your family, too! Blessings this Lent.

  5. Hi Jennifer, thank you for hosting your link up! I was able to join in this time and I'm looking forward to the many other great posts to enhance my Lenten practices at home and with my first graders!

  6. Thank you, Jennifer. We'll try this new idea this year! Always love your ideas…A blessed and fruitful Lent to you and family!

  7. Thanks, Noreen! I'm very glad you could link-up this time!! ♥ I guess I should learn to keep the link-ups open longer! Actually, I added this Link-up to my Lent and Easter page listed on my top menu. I hope that will help you all get more traffic! Blessings to you and your sweet class!

  8. Tiffany, I hope you like it! It warms my heart to know others can use these ideas, too! Blessings to you and yours this Lenten season. May you all grow closer to God! ♥

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