I\’m not a poet, but every now and then I get a thrust of inspiration….
So here is a poem I wrote to those I love (including my on-line friends)…..

To those I love…
To God, 
Thank you for your amazing and glorious ways, 
Which is deserving of unending praise!
Thank you for your self-giving sacrifice,
Because our sins, you paid the price.
Thank you for your incredible forgiving love
And your mercy which I\’m unworthy of.
Thank you for this beautiful earth and sky
which will remain my home until I die!
Thank you!

To My Husband,
Thank you for your daily compliments,
as you try to give me more confidence!
Thank you for your daily dealings at work
And all of your cute little quirks.
Thank you for your handy work in our home
You kindly help with not a single groan.
You give heartfelt support and unfailing love.
I think of you and thank God above!
Thank you!

To My Kids
All the things that you taught me,
All the love that you brought me,
All the times you took turns,
All your help and concerns,
All your joys and cheers,
All your sorrows and tears,
All your cute little ways,
Fill me with love all of my days.
Thank you!

To My Friends (near and far)
Friends in the real world and friends I meet here….
Thank you for your kind words and lending an ear.
Thank you for your understanding and support
Your kind words feel like a vacation resort!
Forgive me when I seem to stray
Life is often busy and so I delay.
I feel very blessed to have you as a friend,
May our friendship continue and never end!

May God Bless you all with the richness He has blessed me!
Happy Saint Valentine\’s Day

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  1. And your poet! You are one mighty talented woman!God bless you my friend!

  2. I think you are a poet and didn't know it! Those were so sweet and thoughtful, Jennifer. Wishing you all the love that you give, in return:) Have a blessed weekend!

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