Last year I made a video to show you how to make a braided palm branch. I was thinking about doing another video this year to show you how to make a 4 square braid, but I came down with a nasty cold and I really can\’t talk….
Soooooo, I searched YouTube to see if they had any helpful videos:
I found a video that I thought might help you to learn the art of 4 square braiding.
I hope those help you if you wish to learn the 4 square braid.
You also might like last years post:
This post uses paper to show how to create this:

Storing palms until you can braid them

If you can\’t braid your palms within an hour or two after Mass, place your palms in a zip-loc bag with a tablespoons of  water, seal it, shake it, and place it in the fridge. That will keep it from drying out until you can get to braiding it! They should keep that way for a few days.
**Note: Please don\’t throw the scrap pieces into the trash!! They are blessed! The proper way to dispose of them is to bury them, burn them, or return them your church so they can burn them and use them next Ash Wednesday.

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  1. my mom passed away in January 2017 and she was the Palm braid expert in our family, now trying to recreate that perfect Palm was hard from memory. Thanks so much for the video…… God Bless America

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