Hi everyone,
I\’m sad to say, I have decided to stop blogging for a little while. I\’ve put this
 post off too long because this decision breaks my heart. I have tons of crafts and activities that I never found the time to post and I\’d love to share them with all of you, but I feel that God is asking me to set them aside for now. Life has become rather hectic here in our house for many reasons: I will be teaching 8 of my 9 kids this coming school year. The next few years are going to be my busiest ever as all nine of my kids will be school age. This feels like a lot for me to handle and so I decided that I need to take some time to prepare for the coming load. I plan to take a few (at home) courses to better educate myself so I can be a better teacher for my kids. Next year, I will have two high-schoolers to handle and I want to be sure I\’m prepared. I also want to better organize and schedule my home and life to suite all the kids and all their ages/grade levels.  Also, my husband, who is a huge help to me, will need to take on other responsibilities to help support our large family and growing bills. So I will not have my wonderful helper by my side like I once did. There are many other personal reasons, but I\’ll stop rambling. 
With all that in mind, I feel my free time will be lost for a few months. After my blogging break, I hope to post occasionally as time allows, although I\’m not sure how often my posting will occur.  
(I do hope to post occasionally on my family blog for the sake of my children and memories, but only if I find the time.)

Below I added links to the different list of crafts which I have already posted on this blog. Most of the links below bring you to a library of ideas. It\’s hundreds of crafts and activities that could keep a mom or teacher active for a very long time. So feel free to browse and find an activity that suits the liturgical celebration you are preparing for. Thank you for your time to listen and your understanding. 
 May God bless you all! I hope to be back soon.
~Jennifer (with love from the whole family!)






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  1. Your Catholic Inspired Blog is a wonderful resource; thank you for all your work. Your decision to take a break is understandable, God bless you and your family! God's grace to your days…

  2. Oh Jennifer, I will miss you! But I completely understand your need to focus on your family who are your first priority! Through your creative talents, God has blessed all of us and those we teach. May God continue to bless you and your family during your obedient break 🙂

  3. Dear Jennifer,I have been so amazed at the amount of work that you have done here. The resources you have provided are invaluable. You are making the right decision. Family comes first. Years ago, I made a huge career change which meant a huge loss of income so as to take care of my children. Our Blessed Lord made sure we were taken care of in a multitude of miraculous ways. He continues to bless us every single day! May Jesus and Mary fill your hearts with abundant joy and peace!Love,Lora

  4. JenniferI admire you; I often wonder how you do it all! I struggle with balance and I only have two kids. There is so much I want to blog about but available time to do so comes infrequently in spurts. You have given us so many ideas! Thank you. It is important to reassess because blogging can take over one's life. And quality time with family is fleeting. If you decide to blog more in a few years when you have time we will still be here! Blessings to you and your family.

  5. I will miss your wonderful blogs Jennifer! I've always enjoyed reading them. I hope and pray for more blessings for you and your family. I would absolutely love to read your next post–will be patiently waiting for it. 🙂

  6. You will be sorely missed and the talents that you share with the rest of us. I understand about the hecticness…I've had to start making some similar decisions as well. May you contiue to enjoy your Easter season and may God continue to abundantly bless you!!

  7. I don't comment often, but I will also miss you! I have never started a blog of my own for many of the reasons you stated… however, I enjoy visiting and gleaning from all of the creative and inspirational Catholic homeschooling moms out there! May God bless you! +JMJ+

  8. Jennifer,As reality is setting in about having our fifth born in about 4 months, I am getting anxious wondering how I'm going to juggle it all so I can only imagine how you must feel with teaching so many of your children and juggling family life. Thank you for all you do for our Catholic community and families! You will be missed, but you are putting family first which is what matters most and is most inspiring! God bless you and if/when God calls you back to blogging world, I'll still be in your fan club 🙂

  9. I just stumbled across your blog today, but I want to say good luck and kudos to you for putting your vocation as a mother first! My sister and I recently started a blog (diysisters.com if you want to check it out), but we are very clear that it cannot interfere with being wives and mothers. Good luck, and I plan to check out the info you already have on your blog in your absence!

  10. Dear Jennifer… Your blog is amazing, you have done so much and with great quality and creativity! Praise God!!You will be missed! But first things first!I am going through a similar situation, I have decided to take a break from blogging at Familia Católica, I am just waiting for a few things and then I will post about it. God bless you!

  11. After reading this, my first thought was, \”NO!\” 🙁 I am so sad to lose this wonderful, amazing, faith-inspiring blog. I have learned about many wonderful traditions and crafts to use with my children and second grade students. With that said, know that you are amazing and so appreciated! Many blessings to you in the future! May God bless you always!

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