Hi everyone! Summer is flying by very fast! I\’m making the most of these days and I\’m getting many projects around the house completed! It\’s been a great summer and one that has brought much joy to our house! I hope God has blessed you all with a great summer, too!
I thought I\’d take a quick minute to point out a few things which I thought many of you might like to take part in!

I\’m going to be hosting a link-up next month. I haven\’t had a link-up in awhile and I thought it\’d be fun to host a link-up again! This first link-up (in August) will be centering around Catholic decor. So feel free to take a few pictures of your faith-centered home decorations or garden displays. Then prepare to post those pictures on your blog. I\’ll be adding more information about this link-up later.

Jen at Enter Under My Roof  is hosting a great on-line event! Each day during the month of July she will posting a new article about Marriage. The event is called \”Hot Summer Nights\” and it\’s a great aid for any married couple or those thinking of marriage! I\’m honored to be able to contribute a guest post on July 26. Jen also has a few link-ups during her event. She\’s put a lot of hard work into this event so go check it out here!!


As many of you already know Google Reader has retired and is no longer functioning. So if you haven\’t already, please consider using Bloglovin. I found this new blog reader after Google Reader\’s retirement and it\’s great! I actually like it better than Google Reader! So check it out and feel free to follow my blog with Bloglovin, too!

I guess that\’s it for now! 

Later this week I hope to post a review of a cute book I\’m reading to my kids.
(If God grants me the free time.)
Many blessings to you all!

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