My family and I are adamant scapular wearers. From about the age of 7 or 8ish my kids enroll in the Brown Scapular and start to wear a scapular 24/7. If you don\’t wear a scapular I HIGHLY recommend it!! To learn more about the scapular click here and here.
I also recommend you read these books. 
These are wonderful books and they have some awesome miracle stories about the brown scapular.  
You can buy some really pretty scapulars, but they can be kind of pricey. So on our tight family budget I like to go simple and cheap. Here is a great spot to get a FREE scapular!
On the feast day of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (July 16) I like to have a little something for my kids to make, color, or create!  Here are a bunch of ideas I found:
This is a few past posts from Catholic Inspired:
Make an Our Lady of Mount Carmel Felt Doll
Or make this wall scapular craft to decorate

your room or home.
(plus a short, simple skit)

Here\’s more from other websites and blogs:

Fun Food for the feast day:

Coloring pages:

 Coloring pages from Coloring Book 4 Kids
here and here

 Coloring pages from My Catholic Source
here and here

More beautiful coloring pages from

St. John the Baptist Religious Education
(Scroll down the page)

Hope you see something you can use!
Have a blessed day!

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  1. Thank you for this lovely post and creative ideas. What a humble yet magnificent way to teach about the graces, beauty and love Mary desires to bring to all of her children.

  2. Dear Jen, Do we have to go through a special consecration in order to receive the graces of the scapular?

  3. Hi Mary,I'm not a expert on the rules. I do recommend that you visit this site: Maybe they can help.I assume that enrollment is required because you are in-a-way joining a type religious order. Personally, our family has always gone to our parish priest and asked that he enroll our children. We do this when they are ready to receiving their First Communion. The priests have always (so far) been great and happy to preform the ceremony. (It only takes a few minutes.)Sorry, I can't help more.God Bless.~Jennifer

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