Here’s a new Perler melting bead pattern!
It’s the Holy Eucharist, chalice and grapes.

Download this pattern on our Download Shop!
They are great projects to keep kids busy!!
Hope you are all having a great summer!
God bless!


  1. My kids absolutely LOVE all things perler beads. They have a bucket full of various animals, vehicles, and other miscellaneous things. I hope you do more Catholic perler bead projects! Thanks for this!

  2. Hi Kerry! Our set of beads are getting very picked over!! We only have the odd colors left (like light green and orange)! I wish I could think of something for them to make that will use those odd colors – and if it were Catholic inspired that would just be soooo awesome!!! I guess I'll have to give it some thought! God Bless! ♥

  3. Oooo, I assume these are regular perler beads and not the biggie beads. We have biggie beads and never actually fuse them, just use them as puzzles. I have been wanting some Catholic patters. I may have to figure out how to make them myself.

  4. Hi Catie, Yes, ours are the regular sized beads. I've never used the big ones. If the plates have the same number of rows this pattern should work. Have a blessed day!

  5. WOW< just saw this on your sidebar! How awesome! I'll share with my son. He's always creating perler bead designs and will LOVE these!!Here's a post I wrote with several of his original creations that you might like ( none of a religious nature) are no stencils here though, he just sort of designs them in his head and creates them free form. If your kids are perler bead freaks, like him, they might like a few of these! Enjoy and thanks for sharing this!I missed it the first time around. Must have been before I began subscribing. xoxoxoxo

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