Wow! Okay, I did not expect such a flood of emails after my last post: \”Daily School Log with Catholic Images\”.  Many of you have asked for a blank form or a customizable form of my daily log.  Well, I\’m not very technologically gifted, but I have done my best to make a few more versions of my daily log. Hopefully, these will help you.
At first I tried to make a file that would allow you to type in the subjects/information you want, but I\’m really not sure how to do that. Because everyone\’s computer has different software, there is no file format that will work for everyone. So, I tried to place a few files on Google Documents, but it wouldn\’t allow editing to the file no matter how many settings I changed!!!
So the best I can do is to give you the \”Word Document\” from my computer, BUT I\’m sure this will only work for a few people who have the same program as me.
If you decide to customize the files above, please remember that I have a LARGE number of \”tables\” (aka: blocks) squeezed onto a page. If your computer reads and interprets the files a little different the boxes will be all shifted around. That can be hard to fix. While these look right on my computer they may look odd on yours. This is the reason I normally make the files on my blog into a PDF before I post them here.
If you can\’t edit or view the \”Word-Doc\” file you can print the blank PDF files.
You will need to write your subjects in by hand.
Here are a few styles, use the style that works best for you:
I hope one of these files will be a help to at least a few of the wonderful ladies who emailed me and asked for help. I know how organization is a necessary thing to run a happy home!!

**To read more about how I use my daily logs click here.

As for me, I\’m going back to painting…Summer is almost gone and I have a lot more painting to do around the house. No, I haven\’t done enough painting this summer. After all, I only painted a few kitchen cabinets, my kitchen walls, 5 shelves, a barn, and a shed. 
Yes, I still have a few more windows and a dining room to paint before I start school! Buying a  fixer-upper home sure makes life busy!
But I like spending this time with my little helpers! A cup of paint and a small paintbrush will keep them happy for hours!! 😉 They look so proud, all dressed up in their \”painting clothes\”!!
Back to work I go!
God Bless!


  1. Hi Jennifer! I know these posts are from a few years ago — but do you still have the daily school logs that we can download? The links don't seem to work.. but maybe they've just moved? Thanks for your help! I love the logs and think they'll be perfect for us this year!

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