My kids love to give me weeds flowers during spring and summer! Some days they bring me so many weeds flowers I don\’t know what to do with them all!! Most of these floral bundles are tiny and cute. In fact they are so tiny they don\’t fit in any of my vases. Most vases that stores sell are large vases for bouquets you receive through a florist. They just don\’t work for the little bouquets that my sweeties hide behind their back and try to surprise me with! Really, a 3 inch tall bouquet just falls down into a deep 10 inch vase. It just doesn\’t work!
So what should I do with the tiny bouquets that are so lovingly given by my biggest, little fans? Maybe I can just secretly throw them into the trash? Oooh, if my young little fan club found out that I was throwing those flowers into the trash I would be in BIG trouble!!
The feelings of my little crew would be worse than the way Naomi felt when Joshua fed Prince Charming to the dinosaurs!!
Besides, if I did trash the flowers, I\’d have to explaining to the little upset faces what happened to the beautiful posies my precious posy pickers picked!  What to do; what to do!

My solution: Votive candle jars!

Many small votive candle jars are a nice size for my tiny bouquets of flowers!! This past spring, while I was at a yard sale, I found a set of 5 votive candle jars which were held in a small shallow basket. These have been working GREAT for holding my petite perfumed posies!!!
The posy pickers are thrilled to fill up all 5 jars. I display the jars with their basket and my statue of the Blessed Mother and the infant Jesus. I added a few strings of pearls to make it look a little more royal for Our Lady.  The pearls really added a nice accent to the basket!

It\’s been such a joy!
 Not only do I now have great little vases to display my tiny flowers, I\’m also able to share them with my Mother Mary!! Can you get any better than that?!?

Here\’s another cool thing about it….They are easy to clean!!
Love it!

It\’s nice that my kids can freely bring in flowers to give to Mary! That might be a nice new tradition for teachers to do in the month of May for Our Lady, too! Votive candle jars are easy to find at thrift shops or even a regular store in the candle area. Be creative! I like to think \”outside the box\”.

Now, if I could get my hands on one of these:

Click here to see on Amazon

I could put a statue of Mary in the middle, where the large vase is. Then add little flowers all around, in the votive candle jars!! That would be sooo pretty! I\’d just have to figure out how to add something to the middle to support a statue. Oh, well, just a thought…..

Oh, by the way – for any one concerned –
Prince charming was able to escape from his hungry captives.
He only sustained minor paint scraping and a disappointed Naomi who tossed him down when she realized the doll wasn\’t actually hers. It was her sister\’s – Abby! What a disappointment! Well, at least Charming got out with all his limbs intact!

Catholic and Living it!

I promised to have a new link-up on the second Wednesday of August and that is today!
(Happy Feast of the Assumption, by the way!)

This is a link-up for any Catholic-centered posts. These would be posts that focus on Catholic decor, crafts, books, celebrations,  or any other Catholic centered thoughts or activities. The posts don\’t need to be fancy; just thoughts and ideas for your fellow Catholics!
Please, join in and see what inspiration you can gain to live a more Catholic life! 

I plan to have a \”Catholic: And Living it!\” link up on the second Wednesday of each month.

The rules are very simple:

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  1. What a beautiful idea! I'm going to start going through my shelves and drawers. I know I have various votive candle holders laying about. As you said, it's a nice idea for teachers to use. This teacher is going to add this to her classroom this year. I have the perfect statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel to use with it! Thank you for the idea!

  2. Aha! Votive candle holders…now why didn't I think of that!? Even without receiving tiny flowers, what a great idea to make a lovely flower spread…and with pearls! (I love that idea, too!)

  3. Hand-Maid With Love, I felt silly after the idea came to me! I had been struggling for years with my tiny bouquets, and the answer to my problem was just sitting there! Oh well, better late than never! Blessings to you!

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