A few weeks ago, I posted about an \”Our Lady Star of the Sea\” craft which I made (with a little help from my kids). That craft included a glass bottle or jar. We\’ll I\’m sure many of you are like me and don\’t want your kids to have a glass jar or bottle in their bedroom! So, after my craft-lov\’n, 9 year old daughter kindly asked to make one of the jar crafts for her bedroom, I decided to make a kids-save version of that craft. 

You will need:
First decide on the size you want your finished craft to be. Choose the sizes in the files which are listed above. I made ours with the \”6 on a sheet\” file so I could get a large number out of one sand paper sheet. 
Six small images fit nicely on a regular sized sheet of sand paper.
Cut the sandpaper a little bigger than the image(s) Oh, and in case you don\’t understand why I\’m using sandpaper: It\’s to resemble the sand on the beach. We had a little misunderstanding at our house about that. 🙂 
Cut the edge of our sand paper boarder to have a rough edge. (If you wish)
Next use the white glue to spread glue the back of the Mary image and then glued it to the sand paper.
If you would like to add a twine/raffia hanger to your craft now is the best time to do that.
Use a pencil or pen to carefully poke a hole in each of the top corners of the craft. Be sure to leave plenty of space from the corner so it doesn\’t rip. (Tip: I always do this on carpet – it\’s much easier!)
Tread your twine / raffia through the holes and tie a knot in each end to keep it from sliding back out the hole. I have decorations on the craft which is shown in these pictures, but believe me, it\’s much easier to add the holes and sting before the decorations!! 😉 
Now, add your decorations!! This can be your way – your style!
I added glitter glue around the edge of my picture. 
Then I used more glitter glue to glue on a twine bow and small shells.
My craft-lov\’n 9 year old and her three little sisters each made one and had a blast!
I\’m excited with how sweet these look – my kids did a great job!
They are now the newest decorations hanging in their bedrooms!
All made with tender love and care!

 Our Lady Star of the Sea, pray for us!

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