Explaining abortion to kids is hard. My kids just couldn’t understand why someone would want to kill a baby! So the best way I could explain this to them was by using bugs!

Weird, yes, but it worked. I told them this story:

As a child I loved to play in the woods. I loved seeing all the beautiful flowers and trees, I loved all the neat colored rocks, and all the little creatures that God created. But I was like any child. If I found a strange unfamiliar bug it scared me and I would kill it. I often saw a bug that looked like this:
So as a child, this “mini alligator-like” creature freaked me out! Confession time: Sadly, I killed a lot of those little “alligator-like bugs”.
Several years ago, I ordered a batch of ladybug larva as a school project for my kids. The day they came in the mail was an eye opening moment! As you may have already guessed those little “alligator bugs” were really ladybug larva! Oh I was heartbroken! Had I known as a child that those bugs were ladybug larva I would never have killed a single one!
What does this have to do with abortion? Well, after I told this story to my kids I explained that some things may look bad or gross to people but to God it is beautiful and it’s meant to turn into something wonderful! Many moms and dads can be scared of a baby. They may not know how to take care of it, or they may be afraid of how they will have to change their lives because of it. Or they might believe that a baby will cost too much. Whatever the reason is they can’t see what God plans for this new little life. They only see fear, but if they could see what God has planned they could see that God has a wonderful and beautiful plan for each baby, just as He does for us. So really these moms and dads just don’t realize what they are killing. Just as I didn’t realize what I was doing when I killed the “alligator-like bugs”.

To see more images of the larva, pupa and ladybugs…
Click on the images to enlarge them:

Just like a caterpillar which is meant to turn into a butterfly, babies are meant to grow into beautiful souls! God has a beautiful plan for these little lives.

Give life a chance! It can be beautiful!
Here is the art project I created for my kids to help reinforce this idea:
You will need:
  • Printable Pro-life pages – FREE download form our shop!
  • crayons or colored pencils
  • scissors
  • regular/larger sized stapler or tape
If you like a simple coloring page just print out page one of the PDF file.
If you want to make a 3-D art picture print both pages.
If you are making the 3D picture color both sheets:
Then, cut out the shapes on the second sheet.
The edges are extra wide for easy cutting.
Now, Staple the cut parts on top of the matching part.
Bend and curl the top parts so they pop off the page.
October is Pro-life month!
Teach kids about this and help them to see that God has a purpose for all people, even those that are not yet born!
Our youngest son at 6 months old.
Please, remember to pray to end abortion!
 And get “God’s Little Army” (the kids) praying, too!***************

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  1. Jennifer.Love this! What a great lesson….your kids are simply adorable too! THank you for sharing…..:)

  2. This is beautiful! I'm doing this TODAY with my kids. 🙂

  3. What a thoughtful post and a great craft. Wow…I wouldn't have guessed that that was lady bug larvae! Great message and beautiful artwork, as usual!

  4. Thank you, Monica!! Ya, they are an odd looking bug! I never would have thought they could be so good and pretty! [-( I feel so silly now!

  5. What a great idea! You've combined three of my favorite things: the pro-life message, nature's beauty, and teaching it to others! Will be sharing this with my homeschooling daughter!

  6. I am helping our 40 days for life campaign this month, bringing my four your old with me as we pray at the clinic. I have yet to come up with a good way to explain to him what is happening as I want him to learn compassion for both the mothers, fathers and the babies!!! Your explanation gave me goose bumps! It was so beautiful and so compassionate! I will be doing this asap! God Bless you! You have touched someone's heart today!!

  7. I love the lesson but i would only talk about the beauty of life and Gods plan for all creatures. I would not tell a child that people kill babies. They do not need that information. The essential part is that we love and respect all of Gods creations. Kids do not need the details of the sins to grasp the beauty of the virtue.

  8. I love the lesson but i would only talk about the beauty of life and Gods plan for all creatures. I would not tell a child that people kill babies. They do not need that information. The essential part is that we love and respect all of Gods creations. Kids do not need the details of the sins to grasp the beauty of the virtue.

  9. A four ur old is not ready to grasp abortion and may be a burden for him. I personally would say we are here to pray for extra blessings for these moms and babies that are going through a hard time.

  10. Dear Anonymous,Every child is different. Some are quick to accept a short innocent explanation of a horrible situation and others question everything. All my kids were different. Like you I want to keep them innocent for as long as I could, but most of my kids were the questioning type. So there comes a point when you have to tell them a little more than you are ready to. No, I never got into great detail with my children. I didn't pull out images or give long graphic explanations to horrify my kids. I was simple and gentle. That's why this coloring page/craft looks so peaceful. The story and image gave just enough information to my kids so they could see that the world is not perfect and that people need prayers. Yes, all creatures should be respected, and we also need to respect our fellow men and women, even when they do something upsetting. This is a great way to teach kids to love the sinner, (but hate the sin). At some point all kids will need to face the reality that the world is not all wonderful. I personally like to give my kids small amounts of information over many years so they aren't thrown into a state of shock when they find out that people are not all as nice as they were led to believe. Each family and child needs to be treated in a way that is best for them. Feel free to do what you think is best for you and your child. As for my kids, they BEG for truth and I will continue to give them small amounts of truth as long as I feel they can handle it. And each child can handle different amounts of truth. – They are all different and made in a special way by God!God bless.

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