Five years ago, my husband and I bought the house of our dreams or is it the house of our nightmares?!?!? We have had to fix or replace almost everything in or on the house – roof, floors, siding, plumbing, electrical, etc…  Everything has just been going bad – sometimes even after we have already fixed them!!
During this past 5 year we have felt like the devil has been on our back. Everything we did just seemed to be met with difficulty. My father, who is a excellent carpenter and electrician, has been helping us on recent projects (since his retirement) and commented that he has never seen such simple projects turn into such horrible, time consuming problems. So after 5 years of dealing with these crazy construction catastrophes we decided it is time to fight back!
We have had the house blessed after we moved in, but we wanted to do a little more than that.  So we decided to dedicate our home to St. Michael – and St. Michael\’s feast day just seemed too appropriate!
I found these prayers to purify & protect a home on this website:  HERE 
These prayers were originally published by order of His Holiness Pope Leo XIII.
They are wonderful prayers! 
I printed them out so our kids (the ones who can read) could follow along as we prayed them. 
My husband and I wanted to have a small memorial of our dedication. So we made a \”sign\” to place in the ground in our front flower garden.
We used a wooden cross stake and a laminated picture of St. Michael to create this sign.
Jon (my husband) used a staple gun and hammer to attach the picture to the cross. 
We chose a cross because of Jesus\’ cross and also because to looks a bit like St. Michael\’s sword, but you could use a simple straight stake or stick.  We only stuck the nails through the clear laminate sheet so the rain wouldn\’t destroy the picture:
So after attaching the picture to the stake, we read the prayers (as directed) and than all 9 of our kids and Jon and I took turns hammering the stake into the ground. 
With St. Michael\’s protection, we pray that we may have a better year. May our home be filled with God\’s Grace and may our hearts be filled with God\’s love.
St. Michael, Protect us!

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  1. I am most sorry for the trouble you have had with your home. I hope after all your efforts you will have much better fortune in your fix up this coming year. As one who was not raised praying to saints, can you tell me how that works? What is the saint supposed to be able to do for you that God hasn't already? I'm not sure what their relationship is to each other. Again, best of luck.

  2. Hi Kelly, Yes, I do see the saints work in my life when I pray to them. I have seen and felt proof of their intersection many times. Asking a saint to pray for you is just like asking for a friend for help. The saints are closer to God and can go to Him to ask Him to help us. Look at it this way: You would listen to a close friend more than a person you don't know as well. ~ It's the same with God. In the situation of St. Michael, The book of Revelation shows how God has set Michael at the head of His angelic army to fight against Satan (I think it’s in chapter 12). Although God has already done His part to put Michael in motion, as it were, we are just formally opening our home so that he can come in and do the job that Scripture shows is his.Another way of thinking about it is: It’s kind of like talking to a service technician when you have a problem rather than calling the president of the company.I hope that helps and thank you for your kind wishes. May God bless you.

  3. I couldn't have said it better myself! I know when I have had horrible fleeting thoughts that wouldn't go away because of my ocd tendacy that a few nights of praying to St. Michael cleared them right up!!! We are most definitely to honor Mary, Saints and all the Angels! God made them! Just as we honor our human counter parts how most appropriate is it to honor those who are sitting right under God!!

  4. If you would like some additional helps/ideas please email me. Our family was under severe spiritual attack and there are several concrete ways to improve your situation. Prayer to St Michael is one of them. God Bless you.

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