Rebekah wanted to be Bl. Imelda Lambertini, but she did not want her picture posted, so Elizabeth said she would model the Bl. Imelda costume. Thanks Elizabeth!
Blessed Imelda is an amazing saint that had more faith in her short life than most people have even after living 90 years!! Imelda wanted to be a nun at the tender age of 9. She was allowed to live with the Dominican sisters, but was not treated kindly by them. She desired to receive her First Holy Communion but was refused. At that time children did not receive their First Communion until the age of 14. 
When she was eleven years old she attended the Ascension Day Mass with the other nuns. All the others had received their communion and Mass was over. The nuns were preparing to leave when they saw what appeared to be a Sacred Host hovering in the air above Imelda, as she knelt in prayer. The host was glowing with a remarkable light! They called for the priest. The priest give the Host to Imelda. Imelda was filled with such love that she died at that very moment!
Read more about her amazing story here.

Our Imelda is dressed in a white robe and had a white veil, which is actually a pillow case. I used a headband to create the look of a Host hovering over her head.

To make this hovering Host, I folded a decorative foil paper in half (back against back) and cut out two star shapes like above.  I twisted two silver pipe cleaners together (to make it stronger) and then hot glued them on the back of the star shape, like in the above picture. 

I added more hot glue to the silver pipe-cleaner and laid the other star shape on top making sure the star shapes covered each other.  I added a felt circle to each star shape, and used a black pen to make the cross.

Then I wrapped the pipe-cleaner ends around a white headband. I also added a little bit of glitter glue around the host to make it look more interesting.

It worked great!!

She can comfortably wear a shining Host above her head!
Bl. Imelda is an amazing young lady! I try to remember her as I go to Holy Communion!

She has shown us how we take our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament for granted.

Blessed Imelda, Pray for us!

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  1. What a great costume! I love the story of Blessed Imelda. Funny story… Last year when our pastor was sharing this story with the children preparing for their First Holy Communion, he very wisely ended the story with her reception of the sacred host, not telling the children she died right after receiving for the first time. I'm thinking that may have scared a few of the children off. : )

  2. It's funny what kids can think! Mine sat with wide eyes and a gaping mouth when I read her story. But I did hear a joke from one of the kids …\”good thing we don't all love Jesus that much or we'd all be dead.\” — I know they don't really think that's a \”good thing\” — I know they got the point. One of them always has to make some kind of joke. They all fight for the position of \”class clown\”. (m)

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