Abby wanted to be Our Lady. She as been Our Lady in past years, but she has never been Our Lady of Snows! 🙂
About Our Lady of Snows
A wealthy but childless Roman couple, John and his wife decided to leave their fortune to the Church. They often prayed to the Virgin asking for guidance on how their wealth could be put to use. The Virgin appeared to them on the night of August 4th and told them that she wished a basilica to be constructed on the Esquiline Hill. She would miraculously leave snow in the middle of the hot month of August on the precise area in which she wanted the church built. Pope Liberius also received the same message from the Virgin.
The next morning John and his wife and Pope Liberius went to the top of the Equiline Hill which had been covered with snow. After they measured out the area for the basilica, the snow disappeared. Pope Liberius immediately called for the construction of the Basilica. 
Learn more about Our Lady of Snows:
Our little lady is dressed in a white robe and has a sparkly navy blue veil. The veil actually has snowflake shapes, but it\’s hard to see in the picture. I bought the fabric at Walmart.
Around her waste is two different colored blue ribbons and snowflakes hanging from a string. The snowflakes are actually buttons I bought at the craft store. 
I will be posting more costumes:

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