Caleb is dressed as St. Lawrence.
St. Lawrence is a favorite at our house for a few reasons, but mostly because of his since of humor! During his martyrdom, while being grilled alive, he told the men who were killing him, \”Turn me over, I\’m done on this side.\”  Even in the face of such a cruel death, he had the ability to make a joke!
Read more about him here.

Our St. Lawrence is dressed in a black robe. Since Caleb is only 2 I used a larger sized black long sleeve shirt to substitute as a robe. It worked every well. Then, I tied a black strip of felt cloth around his waste. 

To symbolize St. Lawrence\’s martyrdom I wanted to make a grill for Caleb to carry. 

Again since he is so small I was able to tie two cooling racks together so they laid (like a scapular) over his solders. I used cooling racks like these, but I bought mine at the dollar store – 2 for a $1. 
I had originally planned to make this costume for my older son, but he decided to be St. Christopher instead. To make the grill on a larger scale, I had planned to use my oven shelf (learned that from a friend) or make one with strips of black cardboard.  

On the back grill I placed a sign that read: \”Turn me over, I\’m done on this side.\” 

The costume was so easy and my little guy looks so cute!
(but I\’m his mom so I\’m going to feel that way!!)

God Bless.

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  1. I could not stop smiling at this costume idea! It is perfect for my almost 2 year old son…whose name is Lawrence! He will be the hit of the All Saints Party! 🙂

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