My kids love to help the poor! They have tried to come up with many \”schemes \” to help the needy. For example, several years ago they got together with their cousins and created a \”stage production\” to raise money. It was just a simple little production, which they preformed for our extended-family at our Easter dinner. They passed around a hat for donations and they sent all the money to a charity for the poor. They also sold tickets for prizes (all handmade prizes), and gave that money to the poor, too! A few years ago my kids created some handmade crafts to sell to raise money for the less fortunate. One summer, on a Sunday afternoon, they held a \”fair\” in our back yard to help raise money.
So, yes, my kids have HUGE hearts for the poor. And they have found some very child-friendly ways to raise money to donate to various charities. 
Well this year we are attempting to try a new way to help raise awareness and donations for the less fortunate. Here at Catholic Inspired, with the help of Cross Catholic Outreach and a few other bloggers (listed below) we are hosting an on-line Art Show for kids to help raise money for the needy.
All the donations will be given directly to Cross Catholic Outreach and used to feed impoverished children and families in El Progreso, Honduras at the Prince of Peace Nutrition Center. 
If you missed our first post about this event please click here to read more.
Today I wanted to share the art work that several of my children created for this event!
My oldest daughter, Rachel E.L. (age 15), has been trying her hand at watercolor painting and has been doing a wonderful job!  

The Miracle of the Sun was created by my son, Jacob K.L. (age 12). He used colored paper and crayons to create this bright image! Incidentally, this young man was the guy who came up with the name \”The ART of Giving\” for this event! Clever fellow!

Joshua J.L. (age 10) is not fond of art or drawing, but he did a wonderful job on his picture of the Blessed Sacrament!

Miss. Abby A.L. is only 6 but she has an artist\’s hand! I was shocked at her drawing of \”Queen Mary\”!
Hannah M.L. (age 7) loves birds, so she wanted to create a drawing of the Holy Spirit!
Elizabeth G.L. (age 9) has had a life-long love our St. Therese! So she just has to draw her favorite saint!
My kids have been asking family and friends to make donations on behalf of their art work. They have sent out this letter, too!
On behalf of my young artists I humbly ask that you donate to Cross Catholic Outreach. Please consider supporting them and donating here in their name. (write their name(s) in the comment box when donating.)
All donations go directly to Cross Catholic Outreach for the poor in Honduras.
Thank you for any help you can give!
You can see all the art work that all the kids have created on Flickr ~ Click here.
(New art is added every few \”work\” days.)
Do you have kids, students, or grandkids?
Do your kids want to help the poor and needy?
Would your kids like to draw a picture and ask grown-ups for donations? 
We will be having a parade of posts this week to help build awareness for this fun child-friendly project!  Please join us for all the upcoming posts and visit the other blogs as they post about the art that their children have created!!
A Parade of Posts for the Poor:
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Wednesday, Dec.4 – Happy Little Homemaker
Thursday, Dec. 5 – Equipping Catholic Families
Friday, Dec. 6 –  Campfires and Cleats
Saturday, Dec. 7 – Do Small Things with Love
Sunday, Dec. 8 – The Catholic Book Blogger  
After our parade join us for our Link-up:
The link-up will start Monday, Dec. 9 and continue through Tuesday, Dec. 31. If you are a blogger and have posted (or plan to post) about your child’s art work please join in our ART of Giving Link-up!

Thank you for any help you can give during this Christmas season!
God Bless!

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  1. Wow, what lovely pieces, Jennifer!! Great post. I am definitely looking fwd to spending time with my kids creting art this week for Cross Catholic!Thank you!

  2. What wonderful artists your children are! I am so in awe of their charitable nature. Your family is truly inspiring.

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