Our wise men have been keeping busy this past week! Never a dull day! My kids are having a blast!
(If you don\’t know about our Wise Men ADVENTures click here to learn more about our family tradition!)
My teenagers have been helping to come up with some thoughts on where our men should search, but my husband and I have put them in place while the kids are all in bed. If my teens are up late I\’ll let them move the three amigos. I try to remember to move them each night, but I have to admit that I had to get back out of bed last night! Nothing like those fun thoughts that pop into your head when you are about to drift off to sleep!! 🙂 Had I not remembered to move them, I fear what may have happened in the morning!!
Well, on with the search…..
Day 3
They found the cookie cutters! Melchior is thinking that the star might help them! I\’m not sure that\’ll work. Caspar is more interested in testing out a new staff! Well, the candy cane cookie cutter could look like a staff! Is the camel wearing a gingerbread man?!?!? 
Day 4
On day 4 our wise men were going door to door at the little village that sits high on our window shelf! 
Melchior is taking the search very seriously and checking out all the residents! 
Caspar is taking a high position to look out over the \”town\”  and that school\’s bell tower is a perfect perch! 
I guess Balthazar is taking a break. That front porch looks like a great place to sit!
I sure hope he cleans up those cobwebs when he gets up! Yuck!! 😉 
Day 5
After seeing the manger hanging at the top of the Advent prayer chain, the three wise men decide to scale the chain to get a closer look! 
Wow! What skill!  
That looks like a lot of work! 
And all to find nothing!!! How sad is that! 
Day 6
(St. Nicholas Feast Day)
On day 6 the kids woke-up to find treats in their socks and the wise men meeting and greeting Saint Nicholas! Melchior is asking St. Nick for directions, while Caspar is showing the camel the differences in the St. Nicholas\’ Crosier and his less fancy staff. Is Balthazar trying out our little saint\’s miter!?! He kinda looks like St. Nicholas now!! 
We bought our cute little St. Nicholas here
Day 7
A game of UNO! Oh my, I guess we all need a day of rest and it is the 7th day!!
Gotta love Caspar\’s house of cards! 
Day 8
Back to the search! That had to be quit a climb.
How did that camel get up there!?!?! Wow! Super Camel!  
Day 9
Maybe the infant King is in the mint plant!? That\’s quite a jungle to search through! 
That has to smell strong!
 That\’ll clear the sinuses if they have a cold!!
Caspar seems to have been distracted by the sight of the freshly falling snow. 
To a little guy his size I image that is an awesome sight!
Now where will they search tonight? Let me think….
I\’m adding a link to the wise men Playmobil toys on Amazon, because I\’ve had a number of people asking were to buy them – Click on the images below:
Are you joining us in the great search for the infant Jesus?
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So where are your wise men searching? I\’d love to see!

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