Tracy from A Slice of Smith Life coined the phrase \”Wandering Wise Men.\” I thought that was cute so I\’ve added it to the name I gave to these little ADVENTurers! Thanks for the cute name, Tracy!
If you missed the first post about our family tradition click here.
Our wise men are still on the search for the infant king! They are wandering around the house, but they have had no luck! So on with the search…
Day 10
They are literally searching high and low! Now, they are even hanging out with the resin squirrels!!
Looks like they found a cozy place for the night! 
Day 11
After climbing down and grabbing a few mini flashlights they are searching under the cabinet!
(I got the under the cabinet search idea from Raising Young Ones
Oh, and I didn\’t leave the flashlights on all night only in the morning.)

 I don\’t think they will find anything but dust!
But it looks like Melchior found a white bead! 
Oh, no! Caspar don\’t blind yourself!! 
Day 12
Searching high on another shelf, they end up falling down into a few jars!
Melchior and the camel are trying to save them!
But Caspar does not look the least but upset that he\’s in such a uncomfortable spot!
Day 13
On day 13 they were found searching around the aloe plant and going for a slide!
Caspar is just hanging out!
Day 14
Opps! My bad! I forgot to move them!!!
Sorry! Hope you are not as disappointed as my kids were!! 🙂
Day 15
Caspar sure loves to hang on his staff! He seems to be just swinging as Balthazar helps Melchior search in the box of cranberries!
Day 15
Maybe the infant king is in the cup cupboard? Or not!
Now how did Caspar get under that little glass!?!? 
Well, That\’s a wrap-up of the past week! Gotta go wrap a few gifts!
Till later, have a blessed Advent!

I\’m adding a link to the wise men Playmobil toys on Amazon, because I\’ve had a number of people asking were to buy them – Click on the images below:

Are you joining us in the great search for the infant Jesus?
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This link-up is a great way for us to help each other by sharing our ideas! 
So where are your wise men searching? I\’d love to see!

Wise Men ADVENTures Link-up!
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