I think gingerbread houses are fun, so I bought a pre-made kit that included the house parts and the icing. I thought it would be fun for the kids to help make a gingerbread house! But then I read this post at Mrs.Domestic Bliss about creating a Gingerbread Nativity and I thought that was the best idea!
So we made a gingerbread stable and added a small plastic nativity! 
It was our Christmas table display and it looked so cute –that is until we ate it! 🙂
(No, we didn\’t eat the plastic Nativity figures – although, my 2 year old would have!)
The kit made this easy! All we had to do was cut out half an oval into one of the peeked ends of the house. Yes, this was a delicate job which I did while the kids watched with wide eyes. My 4 youngest daughters took turns saying, \”Carefully, mom, carefully!\”, as they watched me saw into the gingerbread with a knife.
Then I assembled the house as instructed in the box. We did add the Nativity pieces and hay to the inside of the stable before we added the roof.  Our hay was actually yellow coconut.
You can create the yellow coconut by placing a few handfuls of coconut into a seal-able bag along with a few drops of yellow food coloring. Then shake it until all the coconut is yellow. 
The little Nativity which I used was one that my grandmother gave me when I was young. I saw one on Amazon that looked like it might work for this…here. But any small set would work. Or you could used printed and laminated pictures of the Nativity figures and stand them with glops of icing.
I bought the gingerbread kit at AC Moore (with a coupon). It looks similar to this one on Amazon (but AC Moore was MUCH cheaper).  Here is another one, too.
We loved this and we hope to make one again next Christmas!! Although I think we might get a little more creative with the design!
Christmas blessings to you all!
Please, pray for me!
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  1. Wow! This looks amazing and you're far more advanced than mine – I've only managed to ice the figures so far as the roof keeps falling off! I'm going to finish for the epiphany as the Magi will officially be there and I thought it would be a nice tradition to start with The Little One to ensure she feels like Christmas is still with us at its official end. God bless x

  2. Save it for the Epiphany…Hummm…I like that! 🙂 I think I'll do that next year! Hoping for a great success with your roof! Thanks for this great idea! God Bless.

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